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    Mini Dac TDA1543 X 4 NOS

    @Lumos.   You cannot connect your HP's directly to this DAC. The DAC must be connected to an amplifier,then your HP's plug into the amplifier.  
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    Mini Dac TDA1543 X 4 NOS

    @Virgo, I would'nt bother with the silmic II,I have both the original and the silmicII versions,I really like the original but the silmicII was a disappointment to me, it has a larger soundstage and a nice open sounding top end but the bass was a bit of a mess,soft and flabby sounding...
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    Mini Dac TDA1543 X 4 NOS

    Any of you guys had this dac die using an after market psu? When i first got one of these several months ago, it ran warm/hot with the original psu,which later died after 2 weeks use(left on 24/7). I then replaced it with a maplins 12v psu ,since then it never gets more than warm to touch...
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    La Figaro 339

    Langrex have 5998's ,bit pricey though,
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    Mini Dac TDA1543 X 4 NOS

    Hi scottiebabie,I think you misunderstand what that cap does in this circuit, Im no electrical engineer but from what i have read the cap is there to filter/block any dc voltage from reaching your amp, The signal is ac voltage,but can have some dc voltage polluting the ac signal and the caps...
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    Stylus Cleaning with a Q-Tip and Isopropyl Alcohol -- Terrible Idea?

    Use a small brush. i.d say a cotton swab is a definite no-no,if it snags the stylus (needle) ,it wont be pretty.
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    Attack of the Beyers !!??

    Quote: x2
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    Got me some cheap Jecklin Float Model Ones...

    Stat version just showed up on ebay if you're still interested,
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    Got me some cheap Jecklin Float Model Ones...

    I know there will be a set of jecklin stats on ebay in a week or two ,doubt they will be cheap though. A friend of mine is selling them,he recently had them rebuilt in switzerland.
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    DT880 - how can I tell which model it is just by visual?   this thread may help.
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    Dacmagic question

    I agree with playbuoy,the dacmagic's usb input is dull and flat sounding, spdif and toslink input is far superior. if you intend to just use the usb input you should look elsewhere.
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    Cleaned tube pins with DeoxIT...

    Quote: Only the well off! Its cheaper to become an alcoholic these days . Unfortunately i don't drink.
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    Essence STX into dedicated AMP, two problems. ran out of options.

    I had a popping problem when i first got mine, turned out to be poor contact in the opamp sockets, Just pop out the 3 opamps clean the "legs" and be sure to check the sockets, I found a picture online (cant find it now),and the bottom corner of one of the sockets was actually rusty red...