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    Marantz SA8260

    Quote: Originally posted by kartik Wish... ....granted! the DV8400 and SA8400 are different units. - w
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    I have to slap my 963SA to get it to work!

    Quote: Originally posted by yidimsum Marantz is owned by Philips - likely manufactured in the exact same factories. Marantz was sold by Philips a while ago; it's now owned by the parent company of Denon. - w
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    Mid-90's Britpop war revisited

    Quote: Originally posted by Newbiez And everyone forgot Muse, radiohead tribute, yes. But what a honor it is to them. I don't think Muse fits in with this discussion; their debut album was released towards the tail end of the 90s (1998-1999), well after the demise of...
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    Am I really the only one who likes My Morning Jacket?

    Quote: Originally posted by MusicJunkie I hadn't heard of them until I saw them on Conan last night. Anyone else see them? They had an incredible instrumental sound that totally jammed. I think I'll pick up one of their cds. MJ last night? was it a repeat or did they decide to...
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    Pioneer "Legato Link" Appreciation Thread

    - you're showing us the innards of an old, fairly mediocre CD player because...? - replacing an op amp-based output stage w/ a valve-based stage isn't 'crazy'; several aftermarket modders offer this upgrade. - w
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    What Book Are you Reading?

    ..just started Michel Faber's "The Crimson Petal and the White"..I realize this sounds cliched, but it really is a 'page turner'.. - w
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    Am I really the only one who likes My Morning Jacket?

    I've seen them play live once (as the opening act for Doves last year) and was impressed...will probably buy the new album they've got coming out next month. - w
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    any recommended Blur albums?

    having lived through the oasis v. blur wars (trying times, those) while in secondary school, I'll always have a soft spot for Parklife...britpop's crowning achievement as far as I'm concerned (well, that and Pulp's "A Different Class"). The only other Blur records worth holding on to (in this...
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    Marantz SA8260 SACD player?

    Quote: Originally posted by Badger For those of you who have used the SA8260: How good is the headphone output? Good enough to cleanly drive a set of HD600s for classical music without using a separate headphone amp? Thanks. nope..but my SA8260's headphone amp does a better job of...
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    FS: a few things from my box 'o audio accessories

    I should give this a "bump", as the kids say..
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    Tiger Lillies - Anybody heard of them?

    at the risk of stating the obvious, have you tried the usual suspects in Toronto, i.e. Rotate This, Soundscapes, She Said Boom etc.? - w
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    The Mars Volta - De-loused in the Comatorium = GREAT

    Quote: Originally posted by bangraman So I'm the only person to broadly agree with the pitchfork review? I agree with elements of the pitchfork review, especially the bit about the cryptic lyrics (and that's a charitable description). I still think it's listenable though in the...
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    Stand alone CD player

    umm, about a gazillion manufacturers still all depends on how much you'd like to pay. - wasif