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    Anyone here only own 1 pair of headphones? How are you holding up?

    If you can't headphones and IEMs separately I only have 1; 2 including IEMs. Fortunately, they're HD 800s and I love them -- otherwise, I'd be in the hell I was in 6 mos ago with 5+ cans!
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    HiFiMan HE-400 Review

    Very nice review.
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    Amp for SR80's and PK3's. $100 budget.

    320 Kbps is bad. You need FLAC Or lossless otherwise it will just accentuate the noise.
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    Amp for SR80's and PK3's. $100 budget.

    I really don't think you'll benefit much from an amp with them. They're low impedance to begin with. That said, a Headroom Total Bithead would be an amp but more so functions as a USB DAC through PC and doesn't require battey power. An amp may even the increase the brightness that already...
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    Whiplash Audio TWag v.2 versus Whiplash Audio TWag and TWcu hybrid

    Just doesn't seem worth the investment for for that short. The thing about cabling portable rigs is it is a marginal gain as opposed to interconnects on a real setup.
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    ALO The Continental

    I know this might have been answered somewhere but for high impedance cans Is the Continental better than S71A or Mustang?
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    Best amp to go with ie80?

    If you don't need a DAC, the JDS C421 is great. Not as portable, Total Bithead is amazing for the $ and has a USB DAC.
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    Need Help! Shure SE535 and HP-P1 (or other dacs/amps?)

    I would definitely recommend checking out the RSA IEM amps. They're at they'll of the product list. You don't need or really want amps that drive high impedance cans as you'll primarily be set on the 32ohm setting (no gain). Also check out the JBS Labs C421. Not really sure how much the CLAS...
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    LCD-2 plus Continental v.2 or Rx mkII?

    What are your thoughts on Continental v1 vs v2? Gonna be powering a hD800 .
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    ALO Audio The National: The Continental's Younger Sibling (Review & Comparison to Rx MKII & TTVJ Slim)

    Nice write up. Lots of competition in this space should lead to innovative products.