Nov 21, 2008
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VP of Operations Aero-Docks /marina dry stack www.aero-docks.com

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    VP of Operations Aero-Docks /marina dry stack www.aero-docks.com
    Walkman collecting, cassette recording, records, Car racing/restoration, muscle cars have 3,one640HP
    MAJOR CASSETTE WALKMAN COLLECTOR 403 in collection and older PCDP's . Collect Vaseline glass... rare.. it is radioactive with up to 2% depleated uranium dioxide. It GLOWS brite GREEN under ultraviolet light ( black light) WAY KEWL! and generally safe... grin ok so I glow at night too. Collect wild rare print t shirts examples like liquid blue
    Headphone Inventory:
    Boodo Khan Rare body system Rare headphones with vibrating unit in headphone BDR-10
    1 of 300 made
    Full Range Unit / Vibration Unit
    Headphones Closed , dynamic
    Driver Unit Diameter 40mm,dome type/ 25mm base
    Sensitivity 106 mW
    Frequency Response 15-25,000 Hz / 5-500 Hz
    Rated power input 100 mW / 500 mW
    Power handling cap. 500 mW / 1,000 mW
    Input plug Dual Type, and daily wear
    Koss Porta Pro , Creative Labs EP-630 earbuds,
    Sony MDR-V6 ( Japanese mfg. not china)
    Many earbuds MDR-E464
    Headphone Amp Inventory:
    Source Inventory:
    Hafler PreAmp , Magnaplaner, and sub woofer system.
    Yamaha RX-V640 surround sound for TV with Hi end stereo incorporated. Also have my original college bought 1975 Pioneer SX 1010 110 RMS wood cabinet.
    Cable Inventory:
    Power-Related Components:
    Hafler 200 and 500 amps
    Kenwood Basic M1D
    Pioneer SX-1010
    Other Audio Equipment:
    Nakamichi LX3, Sony PS-X600 turntable with Dynavector Ruby ( 82 ) moving coil cartridge,Sony D-700 CD player,PROSONICS MC-1 moving coil preamp
    Audio-Related Tweaks:
    dbx 224x Tape noise reduction system type II, dbx 2015G 15-band equalizer provides one-half octave equalization in the most critical low-frequency range, while normal octave equalization is retained at the less critical high end. RG X-15 Dynamic Range Processor
    Music Preferences:
    Rock and Roll, Classical, New Age, some country, no rap no opera oh well what can I say am a baby boomer.dbx records classical
    MUSCLE CARS own 70 El Camino, 71 Roadrunner Hemi Orange pistol grip 4 speed, 2005 GTO with Nitrous Injection 520 RWHP ( 640 crankshaft HP).
    Fun loving boi at heart. Live in SE Florida, divorced love single, two sons 20 and 27/


    Hafler Preamp, Hafler DH-200 mod, Hafler DH-500, Kenwood Basic M1D,
    Magnaplaners, subwoofers Nakamichi LX3, Sony PS-X600 BIOTRACER Dynavector Ruby(1982) MC cartridge Prosonics MC-1 preamp,Sony D-700 CD player.dbx DX5 cd player dbx 224x Noise Reduction System dbx 2015G 15-band EQ,RG X-15 Dynamic Range Processor HEADPHONES SONY Boodo Khan Body BDR-10, Sony MDR-V6, Sony MDR-E575 and [​IMG] 403 Cassette Walkman, 9 PCDP, 4 Sony MD players, Technics DCC digital compact cassette player, 8 boomboxes
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