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    Rank the Headphones that You Own.

    Wow! Sennheiser and Fiio ex1 that low? I have both the hd650 and the ex1 and those are two of my favorites. Shouldn't the ex1 be somewhat similar to the AKG signature actually?  
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    Oneplus Bullets V2 - Opinions

    Yeesh, I'm sorry to say but unless you somehow ended up with a fake pair, they're just bad. Ya what you're describing honestly is just the classic sound signature of a crappy pair of earbuds. Did you really get them for 19$? Maybe try returning them. If not, apologies mate but that review...
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    [Review] Superlux HD681 EVO

    Ya, they're pretty darn light. I wouldn't worry about them that plastic(...or polymer as that other guy refers to it >.>) is really durable.
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    How to prove Beats Studio Owners wrong !?

    Ok Potatoe, I think I know what the problem is. You can't show your less educated friends such transparent frequency responses. They're used to heavy, thumping bass. Hd800 and even the hd650 simply doesn't offer bass in gobs, because that would give off a less neutral response. Try showing them...
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    Headphones for metal music - ultimate solution

    >cabling making audible difference for hd650 >hd800 rated relatively poorly for *every* genre   Oh boy here we go...
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    I just failed the Tidal streaming equipment test!!!

    Yep...Lossless is mostly placebo. If mp3 is compressed right, there should be little to no discernible difference between 320kbps and lossless. This really does need to be proven though instead of just being swept under the rug. We need a lot of blind testing with the *best* audio equipment...
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    Gaming Headphone Recommendation

    I personally had the hd681 evo and they're phenomenal for gaming in my experience. The fit is a little big though... Someone else mentioned the takstar 2050. The build quality and fit is supposed to really good as well   EDIT-oh whoops...closed back. Hmmm. I don't know of any at that price...
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    I've Made a Terrible Mistake OR My Frustrating IEMs Journey, featuring a scathing reveiw of the JVC HA-FX850

    Yup. And honestly, boosted highs only give off the artificial feeling of detail. If anything sharper highs can veil the other frequencies.
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    I've Made a Terrible Mistake OR My Frustrating IEMs Journey, featuring a scathing reveiw of the JVC HA-FX850

    It's hard to get the sound that hd650 produces out of an IEM. You want a balanced but warm sound. Otherwise the re-400 would have been perfect for you, but they weren't. It's not the easiest thing to do.   Closest I've gotten to the sound of an hd650 out of my cheap and semi-cheap earphones...
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    Philips SHE3580 IEM review--how can something sound so good for $10???

    You're kidding me. the 3590 had Hyeug bass presence.
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    Bose qc25 or Philips fidelio X2?

    Anything more than a FiiO e10k would probably be overkill. They're 32 ohm I think.
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    Bose qc25 or Philips fidelio X2?

    No contest. The qc25 are pretty good I would imagine(I've listened to the qc15 and they weren't bad at all). But the fidelio X2 really competes with standard audiophile headphones like the hd650, dt880, k701   Even the x1 measure fantastically, and likewise sound fantastic(by many accounts)...
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    Reply to review by 'wafflezz' on item 'VSONIC VSD3S'

    I definitely understand what you're saying about the unnaturally bright sound. At first I honestly...kinda hated it. It was indeed too overpowering in the treble. It was weird, almost like some kind of reverse burn in. They became harsher over time but I neglected that I was using different tips...
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    New IEMs from Monoprice - Hi-Fi Reflective Sound Technology Earphones

    Interesting... Do wanna hear more impressions. If they follow suit after the 8320 we may just have a huge winner here
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    Review of Audio Technica ATH-IM01, ATH-IM02, ATH-IM03, ATH-IM04, ATH-IM50, & ATH-IM70

    Ortofon treble drops off much sooner. IM-02 has much better extension