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    Review : Sennheiser HD 25-1 II

    Quote: I never used them on a plane but I don't think they would work well. I can hear my computer with them on (using velour though, not sure how much better the horrible comfort pads are), barely but it's audible if I don't listen to any music. My computer isn't mega loud and it...
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    Fullsize that sound like the TF10pro

    Quote: Really? I find them extremely different. Listening to classical or jazz on my TF10 then going to the D2000 with the same track and the D2000 sounds hilariously off. Then again the same thing happens when I do it reversed. I found them very different. Maybe it is the closest...
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    Denon AH-D2000 - worth the risk?? HELP!

    Quote: I bought the D2Ks some months back, ******* loved them as they were the closest thin to Hifi I experienced in recent years, sounded fantastic every day even months after purchase. Then I get the chance to listen to the LCD2 in a music store one day, I'm not blown away at all...
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    FLAC vs 320kbps

    Quote: That's funny because WAV and FLAC produce the exact same sound.
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    FLAC vs 320kbps

    Calling it now, no one will upload ABX logs of them successfully telling the difference. Many will claim it's there.
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    Poll: Can you hear sound over 20kHz?

    17-18kHz depending on test, not sure if the websites have it wrong or something. Not sure if it's due to genetics or if my many concerts or my loud music is the reason, probably a mix of both.
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    Where to buy the Nuforce uDAC-2 in Canada?

    I don't know but you might want to google "nuforce drama nwavguy", click the top link and have a read before purchasing.
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    If you take away all restrictions, would you still buy headphones?

    I haven't heard much high end but I have heard the LCD 2. Compared to the Magnepan 12 it.. damn man, it wasn't even a comparison. If space and money wasn't an issue I'd go with speakers, based on those two anyway.
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    Which IEM? €250 budget. IE8 / SE425 / EX700 / TF10 / W2 / UE 700 ?

      Quote: Same experience, if I listen to music (and not very loud either) I can barely hear cars whizzing by. Don't have any other non $10 IEM's to compare to though.
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    Do I have tinnitus?

    Quote: Unnecessarily insulting and when you realize you didn't know what you were talking about you backtrack and say "Well, my post count is higher!". That's rock bottom of debating if I have ever seen it.
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    Do I have tinnitus?

    Quote:   "Guys my arm hurts, do I have any pain in my arm?" "Of course you do, that's the very definition of pain!" .. "No, you stupid 14 year olds. Go ask a doctor if you really have a pain in the arm, you're not qualified to make that assessment!".   Tinnitus simply refers to...
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    Do I have tinnitus?

    Quote: Not the sharpest knife in the drawer, are you? If you hear a constant ringing in your ear that is by definition tinnitus, whether it's chronic or not I couldn't know (as I stated).
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    Do I have tinnitus?

    You do, it might not be chronic yet though. Also I'd advise to not tell yourself "the damage is done", a few years later you'll realize the ringing gets worse if you don't take care of your ears.
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    Best Xonar STX settings for Denon AHD2000, AKG Q701, and Sennheiser HD600?

    What you're describing with the D2000 is their sound signature. They do have emphasized bass and slightly recessed mids. You could always Eq, there's a good guide if you search for "Equalize neutrality" or something. I never tried it personally but the issue is not the the ST.