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    Sennheiser Momentum Over-Ear Brown LNIB shipped conus

    Hello all! I recently jumped on a set of these and love the way they sound, but unfortunately I suffer from big ear-edness and the cups are just too small for me. These have been used in my office via a Magni/Modi stack for all of 2 hours, absolutely good as new. Includes all of the original...
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    Philips Fidelio L1 in box, great condition - Shipped CONUS

    Hey all, I had purchased these off of another head-fi'er a few months back, and they're in excellent condition as well as sounding great. My only issue (and reason for selling) is that I can't use them in my office environment because they aren't well isolated being a semi-open design. Pictures...
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    Portland Area Head-fi Meet: Echo Audio - 03/02/13

    Sounds like a lot of goodies in one place...unfortunately I'll be moving to the Portland area about a month too late :(   Have fun y'all.
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    Sennheiser IE8's Great cond., incl. tips and original packaging

    Hello everyone!   I bought these IE8's over the summer from another member of these forums (Sunmermaster, have his original receipt and registered w/ Sennheiser at the end of August 2010).  They're really phenomenal sounding IEM's, but to be honest I find myself using my Monster Turbines...
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    Just recently purchased and received a pair of Sennheiser IE8's from Carlo - excellent and certainly genuine.  Great and friendly communication, and all around a great experience.  Thanks!
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    Millett "Starving Student" hybrid amp

    I just found one hell of a score of NOS tubes buried in my lab at work, does anyone happen to have a list of tube models that have been tried/verified working?  I was trying to look through but 360+ pages is a lot to comb.
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    Triplefi 10vi - buying advice? (and now fit issues)

    They Sony Hybrids came in today and immediately made an enormous difference - with the L's the left side still seals just fine and the right seems to actually be doing the same.  I'm going to take a quick walk around the office and see if they hold up.
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    Triplefi 10vi - about 2 hours total on them - Have been sent to Ebay

    bump (and now I'll ship for free, buy them!)
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    FS: Shure SE530

    Possibly interested but I'd like to see pics.  Currently weighing a few options.
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    SA6 vs ER4p vs IE8

    Keep in mind - there's a deal through Razordog right now for the IE8's priced at $399-$130 with coupon razordog130.  There's a full thread on this in the forum but I figured I'd let you know.
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    SOLD senn ie8 and ultrasone hfi-780 (worldwide)

    Just saw this after replying to your PM - if you can get some pics up I'll certainly take a look.
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    Triplefi 10vi - buying advice? (and now fit issues)

    Well in being impulsive I'm already both listed them for sale while also ordering Sony Hybrids...we'll see which happens first.  I don't know if changing the cable is going to do me any good, as the problem seems to be the actual shape of my inner ear.