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    Reply to review by 'voxie' on item 'final B2'

    Man, that is one great review. Cant get it why Final just dont add a tad of top end. Thanks for sharing.
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    Need a change..on a budget

    Hi Mark, within your requirements and budget maybe check out Fiio's range of Dap's and FinalAudio E Series iems.
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    Closed-back Headphones ~150-300 €

    Hi, add the SoundMAGIC HP151 to your list. Best of luck.
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    Help me IEM upgrade (<$300)

    Maybe check out Final Audios E Series.
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    Looking for new stuff

    Yep, I heard that as well but I took the plunge on the e4000 and am very impressed. re... Isolation, I find them perfect for my personal listening environment. They really shine with a bit of oomph when playing say through a phone though.
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    Looking for new stuff

    Hi, maybe check out the new Final Audio range esp the E4000 and the E5000 models. A recent review was posted here comparing the two. With regard to a DAC/AMP I'm not too up to speed but FIIO would be a good reference point. Am sure other members will chime in to help.
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    Looking for new stuff

    Hi, what's your budget on the iems? Also what will be your source and music tastes.
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    Where's The AKG K601 Review Thread?

    Complexly agree, there are my first high end phones. They need a nuclear reactor for them to reach full potential. They really shine with classical music. Glad to hear that you are enjoying them. Thanks for the post.
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    Recommendations for Rock and metal headphones?

    Hi, as far as I am aware...there is a dedicated thread on Head-fi that should be of help.
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    The Final Audio e4000 is a great alternative.
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    Looking for a ~$300 IEM for metal and neoclassical/neofolk

    Maybe the new E series from Final Audio might be worth looking into..esp the E400's or the E500's.
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    Best cheap IEM with microphone and inline control

    Hi Aker, maybe check out RHA Audio. They have a great reputation here on Head-fi. They have some models that should meet your requirements. Sorry cant link to their website due to my work computer's security settings. Hope this is of some help. Cheers.
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    Qobuz Lossless Streaming Service Thread

    Maybe a licencing issue re Radiohead in the USA. Here in Europe Qobuz have a all their albums listed.
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    Trinity Audio Engineering - What the future holds

    Yep, its a pity. still love my Trinity Deltas v2. Bob started a company called IMR that gets great reviews here on Head-fi. Use the search button for more info.