Bit of a mass media junkie - books, movies, music obviously, sports, television, etc.

Avid runner and workout warrior.

Supporter of University of Oklahoma athletics.
Headphone Inventory
Home/Road: Shure SE530

Workout: : Sennheiser: adidas CX 680

Past: AKG K181 DJ, K24p, K240S, Allesandro MS-2, Beyerdynamic DT770pro, Grado RS1, 325i, Sennheiser HD650, Sony CD3000, SA5000, Countless earbuds for exercise.
Headphone Amp Inventory
Gilmore Lite

Past: Earmax Pro, Ray Samuels SR-71
Source Inventory
Road: Sandisk Sansa Clip+ 8 GB Black, Sony Walkman X Series 32 GB

Home: Denon 3910 for DVD-A, HDCD, SACD>Denon Link>Denon 4308

PC for Redbook (rippedr EAC, Lame MP3320 encoded> AV710>Audioquest Optilink-A(TOSlink)>Denon 4308)
Cable Inventory
Every one I have purchased, has been for appearance, seriously.
Power-Related Components
The local power grid.
Other Audio Equipment
Speakers 2Ch:
Denon 3910/Chaintech av710>Denon Link/Audioquest Optilink-A(TOSlink)> Denon 4308>Audiquest Type 4 Star Quad(banana plugged)>Usher Be-718

Simplified: Source>Digital Signal>Receiver>Stereo Speakers

Oppo BDP-80>\Audioquest HDMI-X>Integra DHC-40.2>Audioquest G-Snake>Adcom GFA-7607>Audioquest X4(bananna plugged)>Paradigm Reference Studio 20 v5 (L,R), CC-490 (C), Studio 10 v5 (SL, SR), ADP-590 (SRL, SRR), JL Audio Fathom F110 (SW)

Simplified: Source>Digital Signal>Preamplifier/Processor>Mulitchannel Amplifier>7.1 Speaker System
Music Preferences user HadesBrain
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