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    FiiO X7 | DXD | DSD | 384K/64B | ESS9018+ Android | WiFi | Bluetooth | 4 AMP modules | Balanced Out |

      Got an answer from the FiiO Facebook page suggesting around September? So we can keep our eyes peeled till then.
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    FiiO X3 2nd gen preview world-tour--first impressions starting page 8!

    Hi all! Please apply by replying to this thread and including the following information in your reply: -Headphone(s) you possess: 1. AKG K612 2. Shure SRH940 3. Shure SE425 4. TDK BA200 5. Beyerdynamic DT 770 AE 6. UM UE700 + 1 driver reshell -DAP(s) you possess: 1. AK100 2. Sony Walkman ZX1...
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    FiiO X1 preview world tour--impressions thread

    -Headphone(s) you possess: 1. AKG K550 2. Beyerdynamic DT770 Anniversary Edition 3. Goldring DR150 4. TDK BA200 5. Shure SE425 6. UM reshelled ue700x3 6. AKG K612 -DAP(s) you possess: AK100 Sony Walkman ZX1 -FiiO product(s) you possess (if any): FiiO E7/E17 -Descriptions and links to...
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    Brand Spanking New A&K AK120II and AK100II

    Too bad there aren't any impressions on these things yet - my AK100 seems to be in need of replacement...
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    THIS NOOB GOT A HEAD-FI SHOCK (+ amp question)

    Quote:   It totally depends on the bitrate of the music - higher bitrate may have less hiss, especially if you're using more revealing equipment. I use an iPod and to me even the line out output is not hiss free (either line out issue or the issue with the iPod DAC itself). So I think at...
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    [REVIEW] Logitech Ultimate Ears UE900 - It Does the Triple Fi 10 Proud

    Great review! The only thing that prevents me from taking these is probably the price (and yes I do agree with your comment about the airiness). Just interested how'd you think they'd shore up in the soundstage department against the BA200s, I might have gotten a bad fit when I tried them out.
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    TDK BA200 Thread

    Quote:   Definitely the customs are going to win out: the custom fit changes the game completely. However, it's a different question to see if the additional cost is justified...
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    AKG K167 TIËSTO - Discussion, Impression, Review & Appreciation Thread

    How do these compare with the K550s? I feel myself interested in getting a pair...
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    AKG K 271 MK II or Shure SHR940?

    The Shures are very offensive without a good source. To my ears the K271 sounds alot less offensive especially with regard to the treble. However, the 940s definitely take the comparison when it comes to sheer detail.
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    TDK BA200 Thread

    Quote:   it's possible that the seal is not right. I had trouble with that myself - those tips seem to need to be inserted very very deeply...
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    Same Headphones, 3 Different Devices, 3 Different Results

    The DAC probably makes the difference. The EQ setting may be different so to accentuate the differences - try listening on a flat EQ (or eq off)
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    Travel Case for AKG K550 (and high quality cable turtle)

    I just tied the cable up to a desired length: maybe say around 1.8m. That works if you have a lack of cash :D
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    Looking for Closed back, neutral yet lively, not needed to be amped headphones under 300$. Help please!

    AKG K550/Beyer DT880? If you already have an amp these will probably scale very nice
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    Help!!!UE700/600 which should I go for?

    Personally find the 600 to have muffled treble. The 700 scale beautifully with an amp though. I picked the 700s over the 600 as i don't think the price difference is worth the difference in sound.