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    Open-Back Fostex TH-X00 - Good Idea?

    Yeah, I did search for TH500RP cups... these things are made from unobtanium. However, speaker grills from AliExpress also fit: (I don't recall the size, but it's easy to measure). Since then I also acquired a TH-909. The open-back modded TH-X00...
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    Audio Technica the master of WOOD

    Sadly, I have the same issue with small scuff marks on my W5000. Is there a good method to buff the clear coat and remove scuffs without damaging the wood itself?
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    Beyerdynamic DT 1990 PRO - Beyer's open-back mastering headphone

    I've purchased my DT1990s from They were sold as "Brand New". However, one of the earpads is marked with a blue marker on its inner side. Did anyone else receive a marked earpad with their DT1990 or was I sent a used unit?
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    1MORE H1707 Triple-Driver Over Ear

    Some of you guys opened the H1707 and know it from the inside out. Did you see anywhere a serial number that matches the one on the retail box barcode label? Is there any way to know if the headphone inside the box wasn't switched?
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    1MORE H1707 Triple-Driver Over Ear

    Of course I have bat ears, I'm Batman :smile_cat: Seriously though, how can one confirm that his gold color H1707 has titanium driver diaphragm and silver color H1707 has graphene driver diaphragm? Both boxes say they are titanium, and 1MORE openly admitted that the printing on the silver...
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    1MORE H1707 Triple-Driver Over Ear

    Comparing the two versions' sound signature side-by-side, it seems impossible to hear any differences. Is it possible that the Asian (gold color) version now uses graphene drivers as well? And the "titanium driver" printing on the retail box also remains as a goof from previous production...
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    1MORE H1707 Triple-Driver Over Ear

    I'd like to use a longer cable with 2.5mm mono plugs. Did any of you guys tried to use an aftermarket cable with 2-pole connectors instead of 3-pole, and noticed that it didn't send a signal correctly? Here is the YouTube review I'm referring to.
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    1MORE H1707 Triple-Driver Over Ear

    I got one of these via Massdrop. It is the US silver and black version with graphene drivers. Did the "ceramic tweeter dampening only" mod. Kudos @Slater !! The cable terminates with dual TRS connectors on the headphones end. Why not TS? One YouTube reviewer suggested that the tip and ring are...
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    ZMF Vérité and aeolus - GIVEAWAY! & Pre Order starts November 16th

    Wow these look amazing! I love the old wood finish :beyersmile: Of course, way over mortal head-fier budget. The giveaway idea sounds great... though I never actually won anything in a lottery, so I'm not getting my hopes up.
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    Wireless Headset: Beyerdynamic Amiron or Audeze Mobius?

    Plug a Bluetooth receiver to your Philips X2 and your done. Both Amiron and Mobius are good choices is you must have integrated Bluetooth module. But if you don't, why limit yourself?
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    What would be a good AMP to drive the ZMF Eikon?

    Depends on what you want from the amp. Are you after transparency or a certain character?
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    Topping D50

    Where did you buy the unit?
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    How do you define Grain?

    When you say that these are grainy sounding cans, what do you mean by that?
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    Fostex TR-X00, TH6-10, TH-900 & the Sennheiser connection(ors).

    I can make one for you, but it won't be cheap. The connectors alone cost $30. If you're interested, PM me.