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    Reply to review by 'vesther' on item 'Etymotic ER4SR'

    This review proves that you don't need to cough up a high wad of cash for high accuracy earphones.  Etymotic proves that they're the most careful company when it comes to drivers.  While the bass tends to be weak in certain instances, they engineer their balanced armature drivers very carefully...
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    Klipsch Has some new things?

    I did see the X7.  It's much like the X5 but was made for music phone compatibility.  I used to have the X10 but they were way too small for some.  I don't want to own too many IEMs, but I feel that I'd be willing to give the X7i a test-nod and/or check-out.  I've also seen reports of Klipsch...
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    Shure SRH840

    Opted to cancel this listing at my discretion.  I apologize for any inconvenience I might've caused.
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    ** CANCELLED ** Grado SR80i

    Opted to cancel this listing, as I'll need this just in case I have to listen to records once again.  Sorry. :(
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    FS: Shure SE530 and Klipsch Image X10, has to go (US/Canada only)

    Shure SE530: IS OFFICIALLY SHIPPED AND NO LONGER AVAILABLE   Klipsch X10: IS OFFICIALLY SHIPPED AND NO LONGER AVAILABLE     Consider both of them sold and I thank you for your past interest.  In the future, when I have offers like that, I would only post pics ONLY if you are interested...
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    Which is better - Shure SCL4-K, SE310, E4c

    They actually have the same technology as with each other but the SE310 is more collapsable and more expandable with other "things" from Shure and is widely more available than the E4 or SCL4 although the E4/SCL4 has replaceable nozzles just in case you break them. It's very hard to say which...
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    CANCELLED: Harman/Kardon IEMs

    ** Message deleted/cancelled/withdrawn at request of original poster ** Reason: No interest in ad
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    my se530s broke again and I need your help

    I've never seen so many complaints about the SE530 here in these forums--never saw a case this bad--For the record, I only had one broken nozzle incident with the E500 from using "Black Foam Sleeves"--that's because I neglected to clean the earphones. Personally I would use those Supersoft...
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    newb audiophile....bose?

    Remember that Grado has almost 60 years of headphone experience so it's worth giving Grado headphones a try...
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    newb audiophile....bose?

    Bose doesn't have too much experience in the Headphone field but they have more expertise in the speaker field. There are lower-profile audio makers who have far more audio experience than Bose overall. Headphones aren't Bose's forte so keep that in mind. While there are companies that...
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    Best sub 50$ IEMs?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Performance Why does it say "Preorder item?" Thanks though, that seems like a deal. Is the SQ on the metro.fis comparable to the super.fis? Do you think this auction is legit? BrandNew - Ultimate Ear Metro Fi black/Silver Earphone - eBay (item...
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    How to protect IEMs?

    Hard Cases are the way to go. Avoid cases with "hard edges" as your putting the IEM's wires at risk.
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    E4c cord is breaking. need help

    That's what I don't like about the wires--I had that problem twice--the right cord "cracked" and it exposed the wire, and the left cord did the same thing. It could be my skin oil, but could it also be caused by excessive twisting of the wire? What I do to combat this phenomenon ever since is...
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    help deciding on entry IEMs

    If you can go to the Frys Outpost ( or, and look up for these "Harman Kardon EP720, EP710, or EP730", you can get reasonable earphones for $80 or less. EP730: Dual-Phase, 90% Accuracy at High Fidelity, 81% at Bass Mode but louder EP720: 81% Accuracy EP710: 82% Accuracy
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    i4C headphones?

    They're the same product with the exception that the i4c adds cell phone support (One low-mass/high-energy balanced armature with internal vent, Shure VoicePort Microphone).