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    Did I hear you say you want an SPL Phonitor?

    Just posted my comment. Thank you for the opportunity!
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    1964 Ears

    Where do you live in singapore?  
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    POLL: Balanced Armature VS. Dynamic Driver

    I don't notice a very big difference between two kind of drivers.
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    Help, Burn in for Sennheiser

    I just play pinknoise at slightly above listening level; let it play for the entire night, and rest it the day. I will let it run for about 200 hours to allow it settle. I think buning in make a big effect on sound of certain headphones.
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    Toucan and Boomslang (IBasso Audio) Balanced Review Thread

    The DB2 will have dual wm8740 dac sections. It will have balanced and unbalanced (3.5mm) outputs.   Quote:
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    Shure SE535, is there a need for an amp?

    IMHO, you really don't need an amp; you will not hear a big improvment with an portable amp.
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    How am I supposed to contact Head Direct?

    You can send them an email, they will get back to you pretty quickly. 
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    Winnipeg meets' thread (Ongoing)

    This guy also list hd600 on the Sale forum for $230.
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    Warning: iBasso PB2 sounds toxic! !

    Very nice pics! enjoy your new amp too!