Head Gear Reviews by Vartan
  1. ASUS Xonar Essence ST Headphone 7.1-Channel Audio Card for Audiophiles

    4.50 star(s)
     So first of all, for people who are saying that they are hearing noise from outputs. The only noise I hear from the card is from HP out, when sample rate is set to 44.1 Khz.  What can be the reason of the noise and how to prevent it:  1. Don't use video cards. Use only integrated video. 2. Before buying a PSU read some reviews about ripple and noise tests, voltage regulator circuit ... (I even use ferrite filter on the molex end). 3. Don't use many fans in the case. The fan motor generates noise. Or if you want to use many fans then you should...
  2. iFi iCAN headphone amplifier

    5.00 star(s)
     There were many amps in 250$ range to choose from, but I liked iCAN's unique design and the shape. I don't have many headphones to do a comparison. I'm not a big fan of bass boost and 3D, but sometimes I do use bass boost on one dot position (by the way, I'd like the one dot setting to come after the direct setting).  The bass boost works perfectly and doesn't bleed to mid range (in one dot setting). The 3D holographic effect works fine with some tracks, you have to figure out on your own.  I'm very much pleased with this amp, if you are looking...