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    WTB: Alessandro MS2's

    PM sent
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    Sennheiser PX100: $39.99 at

    PX100s $39.99 with free shipping. Be sure to support head-fi and use link provided on the top of this site.
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    PK2's now $79?

    Quote: Originally Posted by FeedMeTrance Check eBay, head-direct has an eBay store, and I don't know wther it has been updated. I bought a pair of PK1s last night at the old ($139 +$5 shipping) price from their ebay store. At that time they showed 27 PK1s remaining. When I took a...
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    After the Outage: Need to Re-Set Head-Fi links

    I've noticed that, ever since head-fi came back following the lengthy outage, everytime that I click on a link such a buyer/seller feedback in members signatures, and also links (posted on other sites) to head-fi reviews, etc., the result is that the link sends me to a completely different...
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    Yuin PK1-PK2 impressions thread

    text books? who needs them?
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    Logitech's mice...

    Quote: Originally Posted by jnev it's funny you mention that, since just a week ago I discovered that the drivers for my vx revolution had been causing my macbook pro to kernel panic. apple actually replaced my notebook because neither one of us had been able to find out what was...
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    Logitech's mice...

    Good news. I too had been running LCC 2.2.2 for the VX Nano Notebook Mouse and experiencing a wide range of problems on my macbook. Switched to Steer Mouse and eliminated the problems but lost the search button functionality as a result. Well, Logitech has finally gotten around to releasing...
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    This Or That

    burger king. socks or no socks?
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    MS2i on ebay

    here's the link (I'm in no way connected with this listing)
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    Making my MS2is perfect....

    I've used this one for re-sizing, also free:
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    Grado SR80

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    Grado SR80

    *SOLD* Grado SR80 in V. Good condition, sorry no pizza box. Asking $65 Firm ,includes shipping (CONUS ONLY) and paypal fees. Will email photos upon request.