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    Good Laptop speakers for 100$

    In general speakers of this size need a sub to sound reasonable IMO. I would personally look for a deal on some Acoustic Energy Aego M's.... Mine are still going strong and I have still never heard anything to beat them taking size/price into consideration. Their build quality is also on a...
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    Calling All "Vintage" Speaker Owners

    When you say that you "Just brought home a new baby boy." Did you pop out for some vintage speakers and come back with a baby instead? Lol
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    Wireless Streaming Setup - Adequate?

    I think the speakers and sound card are the weak link (although you will get sound on par if not better than most iPod docks.) Personally I would pay more for something like a Fiio E10 and less on getting an old Rotel/NAD/Cambridge Amp for about 20-30 and some Older proper speakers like Mordaunt...
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    Help: Turntable with powered speakers problem. Gear = great. Sound = terrible

    How stable is your TT? Can you put it on a very heavy isolation platform. How are the speakers from other sources, like cd or other digital audio. You need to isolate either the TT, Cable or Speakers. Swap and change if possible until you find the culprit and then is a matter of finding why it's...
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    The inside of a $450 speaker cable box.

    That junk is just plain offensive, unfortunately there seems to be too much room in the industry for crud like this! Also unfortunately I'm not surprised one bit that there have probably been scores of people singing the praises of this utter mess..... Wow just wow, $450? They are literally...
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    do you know this speakers?

    I take it that your speakers have the metal bridge connecting the high and low terminals? If not then use a couple inches of speaker wire between the corresponding terminals on each speaker e.g high + (red) to low + (red) on the same speaker and then the same for - (black). You would then...
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    Calling All "Vintage" Speaker Owners

    That CT-F1000 reminds me quite a bit of the Phase Linear 7000 from Risky Business. I love the open mech, it has massive cool factor to me. I love the fact that you have equipment there just for the visual factor! Lol To my shame I have never heard Reel to Reel but I have been told by a few...
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    Calling All "Vintage" Speaker Owners

    God I love silver fascias in wooden boxes! It just oozes class.... I'm truly jealous... It's all in such good/clean condition too, this also reminds me that I have been meaning to get a reel to reel for years. I'm just going to have to take the plunge I reckon. Any chance you could give a...
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    Looking for bookshelf speakers ~$300! What do you think of these?

    Congratulations, hope you continue to enjoy your purchase! They look very nice I have to say.
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    do you know this speakers?

    These are very different speakers, I am slightly confused as to what you are looking for.   Could you give examples of qualities you have enjoyed in other speakers?
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    Better cables = better sound?

    Did you read his post? When you say "the great improvement in sound quality"... blackmarket specifically said "I wasn't even sure if there was a difference at all." I am also intreagued to know how cables affect soundstage?... I can almost buy into the possibility that they affect overall sound...
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    Calling All "Vintage" Speaker Owners

    Old JBL's give me a twinge, LOL. They are awesome, don't think I could sneak them passed the Mrs though My vintage audio kit is a pair of Leak 2020 (sandwich) Speakers, a Rotel RT222 tuner and a Pioneer SA-5300 integrated amp. My grandad has owned them all since new, they were entry level...
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    Better cables = better sound?

    And I suppose the sales guy was doing the changing of the cables?............... P.s I'm glad your happy with your USB cable, I just wonder how you think it has an affect on the integrity of the data stream when bog standard cheap USB cables are capable of maintaining integrity of much more...
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    Record player: Do I need an amp? Complete noob

    Yage is right on the money, find out what type of cartridge your using for a start. The project phono box is lovely and can be had a reasonable prices, but TBH I would think you would be more than fine with something along the lines of the Behringer PP400 at next to nothing prices.
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    Receiver reccomendations for Monitor Audio Bronze BX2

    Cambridge Audio, Arcam, NAD or Rotel at that price for me. Are you going to use them for surround sound? If not I would assess wether you need a receiver at all or would be better with an integrated amp that should have a better power section at a similar price.