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    Real Hip Hop recommendations!

    Schoolboy Q : Habits and contradictions If you like Kendrick Lamar then you probably will like this as well seeing add they have similar styles. Both from the same label as well
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    RE0 Broken!

    Kind of the reason I bought these in the first place. Wanted a pair of in ears so I can wear them under my hat during winter. My m50 would certainly keep me warm as well but don't want to risk it.
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    RE0 Broken!

    I just got the re-zero. Sound great. Haven't had any problems thus far and hope I got a good pair! sad to see so many complaints.
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    The Roots new album "undun"

    Agree with everyone, AMAZING 
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    Just got the Hifiman RE0s!

    I just bought the re zero, coming in soon. Hopefully I get a durable build. How do you like them so far? Also did you purchase them from head direct? If so how long did the delivery take?
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    Samsung Galaxy S Thread

    Couple of things: Front facing camera SD card has some issue (works fine but has some problem of not being able to format) Video recording few apps are incompatible with ice cream sandwich. Not really deal breakers for me. Pros are very fluid, Smooth interface, longer battery than cm7. Cool...
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    Challenge: Talk Me Out of Beats Studio

    I'm not too sure about the fact that beats are bad headphones, rather they aren't deserving of their price tag. For the right price I wouldn't mine getting them either. Especially the Lebron James sports ones, could definitely use those at the gym
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    Real Hip Hop recommendations!

    Have to say the new drake album is alright. Considering the type of music you get from him, this actually a pretty solid release. Kind of gets labored towards the end but a solid outing. I don't even remember listening to his first album but this is definitely worth some plays. Sent from my...
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    Do headphones survive in cold weather?

    I know this thread is old but I need some advice.   I'm in Toronto and I was wondering the same thing. I have AT M50 and it can get up there in terms of temperature in winter. Would the m50 be fine in -25 C or should I get a separate pair of cans for the winter season? I read the guy who...
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    Real Hip Hop recommendations!

    Yeah how did you somehow put Lilb and soulja boy in a list of good rappers. From what I've heard I'm gay wasn't good, just better than the brain dead stuff he usually puts out. and soulja boy... Well to each his own, I really like the phonte album right now, charity starts at home. gonna check...
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    Headphone Sightings 2

    At York university I see a lot senn"s. Some good models and some really expensive looking ones. Most people have beats. I get looks as well when I have my m50 on walking through lecture halls. But nobody has asked me yet. One guy in my class asked why I didn't get beats. Told him that I wanted...
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    The Audio Technica M50 studio monitor thread

    Does anyone wear these outside during the winter? I'm wondering if I can wear these to school outside in like -25 degrees. I'm in Toronto so our Winters can get a little nasty and I'm not sure whether these headphones were made for this kind of weather. Has anyone actually worn these outside...
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    Getting "called-out" for not wearing the Beats

    When I went to class with my m50 one of the guys asked why I didn't buy the beats. I told him about how I did some research and found that beats are not bad headphones but just that you could get much better for the price and how my headphones were much cheaper and to me they sounded better. I...
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    Songs that make your headphone WOOOOOW!!!

    I personally thought it sounded great. I got the flac version and it sounds pretty good especially the bon iver track What's a signature?