Oct 8, 2009
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    Headphone Inventory:
    At hand:
    Creative EP630: these are bad, my fiance believes they are great and protects them from my fury.. I am waiting for their death, so I can get her new ones.
    Koss KSC-75: first proper hps. Backup.
    Philips HP 910: Wonderful warm sound and nice bass and decent mid/highs for 30 bucks.
    ATH AD700: Nice detailed airy sound. Great for some genres of music and gaming but seriously lacks bass. Also too distant sounding. Best bud's gift so can't upgrade them, next best thing is 100$ away anyway (edit: or is it? How about HD598s?)
    CAL!: Office headphones. Nice warm and bassy sound, great comfort. Mids are not suffering bass bleed despite sometimes boomy bass. Definitely worth the little I spent for them
    Fischer Audio FA-003: Great balance and detail, detail on par with xcapes. Bad: closed headphones.
    Hifiman RE0: First hour impression: Very similar xcapes v1. if you have the chance get the xcapes, especially if you are closer to mainstream sound preferences. xcapes are also more comfortable. (Edit: Wow: the treble) (Edit 2: I think these are the best IEMs I heard, granted I have not heard many. )
    Meelec CW31: Coming soon.

    Hifiman RE2 (RIP): Cold and detailed. First decent IEMs. I would prefer them over bassy alternative in their price range. They can use more bass but E5 and uDAC helps a lot.
    Meelec M6: Good impact bass, skull shaking s if amped with E5 or uDAC. Too warm and lacks detail for me. Constant fitting problems.
    Sunrise SW-Xcape v1: Detailed slightly warm sound. Incredibly comfortable. Great RE0 alternatives. Definitely produces the greatest amount of detail among my hps and iems (not anymore: FA-003s are better). Mids a bit forward and could be smoother. Can't believe I sold them!

    Meelec CX21: Neutral and detailed presentation for cheap. Bad: Boring midrange.
    Brainwavz M2: Warm, big sound. Very comfortable. Lacks detail compared to RE0s. Gets congested every once in a while.

    Headphone Amp Inventory:
    E5, uDAC
    Source Inventory:
    Fuze 8GB+8GB, Toshiba NB200+MusikCube, Technics SA-DX1050 and my faithful desktop with udac connected.
    Other Audio Equipment:
    Edifier M3300, M-Audio AV30, Some old Yamaha speakers, Paradigm 9se MkII


    KSC-75, AD700, Philips HP910, CAL!, Fischer FA-003, RE0, CW31
    uDAC, Fiio E5, Technics DX1050A
    M-Audio AV30, Paradigm 9se MkII

    Departed, Dead: M6, Xcapes v1, RE2, Meelec CX21, Brainwavz M2,
    additional feedback: http://www.head-fi.org/forum/thread/498591/utkusu

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