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    Paypal - What?!?

    makes me wish google checkout was more ubiquitous
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    AudioEngine A5's or Mackies Mr5....can't decide..

    Quote: Originally Posted by koven i dont know about the a5's, but ive heard the a2 and mackie mr5 and there's no contest, mackies sounds so much richer/fuller i dont get the obsession w/ audioengines You can't expect the a2's to be competitive to the mr5.
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    Comfortable Dress shoe, any recommendation?

    Another vote for Ecco. I used to buy rockports, but once i bought my first Ecco, I've been buying them exclusively since.
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    The Jeans-fi thread

    For those who like 7 For All Mankind, they have 40% off F&F 11/12-11/15. 7 For All Mankind F&F Online and B&M 40% OFF Starting 11/12/2009 - Forums
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    Discussions pertaining to the resale of HF2s

    Quote: Originally Posted by userlander Apparently you are just not capable of grasping the deeper point here.... But you don't seem capable of understanding that simple point... and you don't seem capable of understanding simple economics. Quote: Originally Posted by...
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    Discussions pertaining to the resale of HF2s

    Quote: Originally Posted by userlander The ATH-W5000 wasn't made for the head-fi community. It's a standard retail product. The HF-2 ostensibly was made for the community, and was not available to the non-head-fi general public. So it's a completely different situation. It's not about...
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    Jambo DAC

    I bought the Jambo DAC kit over a year ago and planned to build it. But, then I moved and the project got sidetracked. To make a long story short, I don't have time to build this and I don't see it changing in the foreseeable future. So, rather than see this go to waste, this post is an interest...
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    Fry's Elec. exec accused of stealing $65 million

    What's amazing is that he's only accused of stealing $65M, but he's paid $120M to LV casinos in just three years. Worst gambler ever.
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    Got a speeding ticket... need advice (NY)

    Quote: Originally Posted by immtbiker You can always do the "overpay" trick. Overpay the fine, and never cash in the refund check. They cannot apply the points to your license until the transaction is finalized. Internet rumor. Overpaying Traffic Tickets. The...
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    new audiotechnica a700 version??

    I think it's just the camera angle that making it look different.
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    Need Legal advice. Work accident.

    I'd start here DWC homepage
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    Most Comfortable Headphones?

    Quote: Originally Posted by lmilhan Actually the K81 DJs are the most UNcomfortable headphones I have ever had the misfortune of owning. If you are looking for comfort, be certain to steer clear of these puppies! x2 Wearing these for more than an hour will result in a concussion.
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    WOW, look at all the smilies we have now!

    Quote: Originally Posted by wrecked_porsche No Audio Technica smiley?