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    JH Audio JH16 Pro First Impressions

    They will continue to get better with time :) You should try balanced input in the future (TWAG V3 into Protector/SR-71). I was the biggest skeptic until I made the jump, it is like the Jh16 on crack, the instrument separation is unreal :D
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    JH Audio JH16 Pro First Impressions

    I have always been one of the most incredulous people out there, constantly discounting the fact that "blah blah blah cables, blah blah balanced, it sounds better due to placebo effect from you wasting money on it". I finally decided to get an RSA Protector and balanced V3 TWag cables. I am a...
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    Whiplash Audio

    Thanks for the balanced V3 cables Craig, the sound is AMAZING through the RSA protector. Very noticeable difference from the regular JH cables and SE input. A++++
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    Whiplash Audio

    Replied :)
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    FS: RSA Predator (price drop)

    Hello I am selling my RSA Predator that is in great condition! More than 500 hours on this amp. Comes with wall charger cable. As far as seller feedback, google my SN as I am active on several car forums and I've sold a number of things there :)   $200shipped to continental US
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    Review by 'user1029' on item 'JH Audio JH16 Pro Custom In-Ear Monitors'

    I've had UE11s for the past 8 years and I finally made the jump to JH16. They are worth every penny. The bass is light years ahead of UE11s and just so much more full-bodied and multi-layered - like biting into a hearty piece of finely aged steak! The bass never indecorously encroaches upon the...
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    JH Audio JH16 Pro First Impressions   I've been using the UE11 for 8 years now (basshead lol). My JH16s came in today (molds shipped out 7/1, then July 4th weekend, JH16 completed 7/17). My god the bass on the JH16 is amazing paired up with the RSA Predator - light years ahead of the UE11. At first...
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    JH Audio JH-13 PRO impressions thread

    Eagerly awaiting the JH13PRO vs. UE11 comparison!
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    High end IEM's for workouts

    I use UE11s for lifting and jogging; no complaints here!
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    Best Portable Amp for UE 11 PRO

    The synergy between the UE11 and Predator is outstanding; if you love tight, full-bodied bass, then the beautiful low end of the Predator really unleashes the full potential of the subwoofer in your UE11s!!
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    First UE11 Impressions

    Quote: Originally Posted by straden so how do you enable bleed effect? or is it just constant on? anyway, im really considering ue11 now after trying out triple fi... i mostly liked the sound quality minus it being somewhat too bright for my taste and really terrible fit for my...
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    Available - RSA "The Black Bird" SR-71A, Redesigned, Resized AMP images page 1,28, 33, 34, 39 . Mini review: 40, 41, 45 .

    Quote: Originally Posted by KevinR70 Can anyone give a preliminary comparison to the Predator. I have a burned in Predator, but keep thinking a might need to try this amp. Thanks. I'm wrestling with this dilemma as well - I ABSOLUTELY love the pairing between the UE11 and the...
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    SR-71A Landed Today...

    Quote: Originally Posted by jamato8 I have put in one set of alkalines and this is Sat. I turned it off overnight once so I am getting quite a run. The SR-71A is sounding extremely good, powerful and open. Hey Jamato, if you get a chance, could do you a blind A/B test between the...