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    where to buy cheap screen protector

    Saran wrap. $2.19 at your local Wal-Mart.
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    1 GB Nano or 1 GB Shuffle?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Teerawit For me I would get the shuffle because: 1) I listen to my playlists in shuffle mode anyway 2) thus I don't need a screen 3) I want to have the shuffle's legendary SQ 4) I don't want to worry about scratching the nano. Legendary? Not...
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    1Gig Shuffles a pain to find

    I have been reading about a lot of shuffles being mysteriously found on the road, at the gym, even at a restaurant. You would think people would be more careful with their toys. Then again, I had a best friend who would have a new digital camera, and he would tell me he "found it on the...
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    The Westone UM1/UM2 Appreciation Thread

    so it is not a two piece cord then?
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    itunes and ipod Question

    Hey guys, I finally have a 5g video ipod, 30 gig, and I am learning to use itunes. I have a question though... With itunes, I notice that if i just start listening to my music on my computer, when a new song begins it transitions into it. Bascially meaning, the old song fades out and the new...
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    Help Me. Any reasons to avoid the SONY NW-HD5?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Csidinim I think this glassy model with lopsided control placement is fundamentally hideous, but I guess a lot of people do actually like it... whatever happened to universal aesthetics. I couldn't agree more. It looks stupid, especially when compared...
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    Another 'what should i buy' question!

    Thanks, that makes sense.
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    Sony Connect Users...

    Connect is a worthless piece of dung, I couldn't even burn several tracks I had purchased because of rights. Honestly, I have had it with Sony in general as far anything to do with digital audio.
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    iLounge confirmed audio defect gone in 5G iPods!

    I am actually jumping ship from a Sony HD3 to a Ipod G5...but I never knew the 4g's had hiss problems as well (the HD3 has a pretty bad hiss that finally drove me out of my mind and ending up selling it on ebay). Hopefully, the 5g ipod will not repeat what I just got rid of.
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    Who's Getting a 5G Ipod?

    Ok I ordered a black one today, I just couldnt help it, Ive wanted an ipod for far to long and now the 5g in that sick looking black? I am in. Hopefully it gets here soon!
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    Who's Getting a 5G Ipod?

    Quote: Originally Posted by lal316l Best Question Evar! Yes it does play mp3. haha I actually had asked a co worker who owns an Ipod 4th gen and he said it doesnt play mp3, only aac.
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    Who's Getting a 5G Ipod?

    I think I am gonna give this a quick question though-does the Ipod play mp3 files? Thats all I have is mp3's and i do not want to re download or re rip all my stuff. Thanks.
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    Price question regaurding new Ipod...

    Sounds like a good deal to me.
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    Rio Carbon Impressions (mini epic)

    I had a carbon for a month and loved it. but I took it back only cuz i wanted a player with more capacity. I am planning on buying another carbon soon.
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    SONY NW HD5 anybody own one?

    Happy SEARCHing...