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    Best bluetooth headphones for workout & casual use under $80

    IEMs, but I just purchased the Jaybird X3 because it really is sweat proof and appears to be the best workout earphones under $150.
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    Looking for a replacement IEM cable for under $50

    I'm looking for a replacement IEM cable that doesn't break the bank. I've been using 1964 Ears stock replacement cables ($35), the only issue is the plastic connecter shown below starts to come apart after some time. I tend to sleep in my IEMs, so that puts pressure where the plastic joint meets...
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    1964 EARS V6 Thread

    Got my V6's two and half weeks ago, sent it out for a refit and got them back yesterday. Perfect fit, first impressions.. I love the clarity, there definitely is a bit of an emphasis on the highs, but the lows kicks in when needed. Positioning of instruments and vocals is wonderful. I will put...
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    Looking for a replacement IEM cable under $50

    After doing research into these aftermarket cables I'm kind of lost. I'm reading about silver coated on copper cables, and very high purity copper cables, what's the difference from stock IEM cables? Also are stock IEM cables made from copper?    From my understanding the conductivity and...
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    Looking for a replacement IEM cable under $50

    I'll up my budget to $80, but it looks like btg audio has very reasonable prices
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    1964 Ears V6 versus JH13 monitors, equal?

    My entry into the CIEM market was the 1964 T. I only needed one refit, it was a great value for roughly $400 back then. They have since upgraded their line to the V series.  I sought out a more revealing and balanced IEM. I had fit issues with an ES5 and Earsonics EM4 which eventually had to be...
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    1964 Ears V6 versus JH13 monitors, equal?

    I'm strongly considering ordering the 1964 Ears V6, they appear to be an incredible value. Add-in their discount for previous 1964 ears customers and this is a true value proposition. Problem is I haven't found enough reviews to take a careful look at this, the appreciation thread doesn't have...
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    WTB Used Pico Slim

    Looking to get a Pico slim to complete my portable set-up. Not willing to pay close to retail price, if you have a used one let's talk. PM me thanks!
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    Help finding IEMs or headphones under $800. Big soundstage, rich vocals, slightly sparkling highs

    Quote:     Any chance the first graph you talked about "in your earlier post" ^ showed the dip due to the increased load on the player (32 ohms)? Not the matter it was an Multiple-armature BA in and of itself?  I am well aware you gave me a source link, I asked if you knew of the...