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    Shure Srh840 vs. Grado SR80i

    These are 2 very different headphones. If you are looking for something very fun and plan to listen to quite a bit of rock I would recommend the Grado's. If you plan to listen to everything else I would take the SRH-840's. But you should probably be looking at the sr-225 instead of the sr-80.
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    Which gives a better sound, iPhone 4 or Zune HD?

    I've not heard the Zune HD but the one thing I know is that finding a LOD is almost impossible to find. So if you ever decide to amp your headphones or use an external dac you will be extremely limited with the Zune HD.
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    Grado PS500s (new Grado's)

    Moon audio has made a post and they have put it on their website as well where they are taking pre orders
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    Grado PS 500 all new in the Grado Professional Series

      Quote: ditto. Hopefully I can find a way to afford these.
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    Am I hearing things correctly?

    You could also pick up the Monoprice Premium Hi-Fi DJ headphones. It seems like they are the exact same headphone and they will cost you less.
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    Teejaay custom wood cups

    Ugh reminds me of my situation with bilavideo. Good luck!! I hope you get your money back.
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    Need help finding Indestructable headphones!

    hd-25-1 II's all the way.
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    Bilavideo Cups Pending List

    Bump, Don't want bill to forget about this thread.
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    Just opened my Senn HD598....Do I really need to break them in???

    The headphones will not sound much different broken in than they do now. You may not like the sound signature. What kinda music are you listening to? What source are you playing through and what is the bitrate?
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    Denon d2000, ATH-AD900, HD598?

    Quote: I guess so. Maybe the d2000's are more recessed because I've not found the midrange to be nearly as recessed as some lead you to believe on the d5000's.   
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    Amazing shure customer support. (why i love shure)

    Glad to hear your problem was resolved.  
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    Bilavideo Cups Pending List

    Hmm this gives me quite a bit of confidence. I hope he can clear his name.
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    Grado harshness similar to AD700?

    I don't find the ad-700 bright. I also don't find my sr-225i's bright. So there you go.
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    Listening to my Sennheiser HD 600 headphones at near maximum volume

    Sounds like you need a headphone amp.