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    Purchasing iPod Classic, need help finding model suitable with equipment

    Wow,The X3 has one of Wolfson's finest DACs in the WM8740 which has been used in other hi-fi players and CD players. The X3 has 8GB which is lowish capacity (you can expand with microsd cards) and can play high resolution files.
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    Final Audio Design Impressions and Discussion Thread

    I'm finding the 1601SB to be more of a chameleon in comparison to the 1602SS and 1602SC. Trying the various tips included in the package, I find the sound changes more dramatically compared to what I was able to achieve through my experimentation with the fix-tipped 1602 models, even when using...
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    HE-500, LCD2, D5000, DT770, SR80, on a speaker amp (Emotiva mini-X A-100) Project

    I find the HE-400 slightly dark actually, but that's just my ears maybe. It's not a bright headphone so it doesn't sound emphasized to me (treble wise). The mids and mid-bass however are more forward sounding in volume compared to treble & sub-bass. The overall listen is a very smooth listen to...
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