Head Gear Reviews by twiceboss
  1. Cayin YB04

    4.50 star(s)
    Before I start my review, thanks to AndyKong for sending me YB04 with N6ii for a review! Introduction Build and comfort: These are outstanding! Metal build I believe. This set is really comfortable and it comes with many tips; balance, vocal, bass, double flange, and foam. Sound signature: Interesting tuning. This is almost like etymotic reference tuning. I will give two different sources here; apple dongle and n6ii pairing Apple dongle: The bass is lean. The mids is smooth and lush. Highs are well extended and really musical. N6ii 3.5mm T01...
  2. Meze Audio Rai Penta

    4.00 star(s)
    OVERVIEW Build and comfort: These are outstanding! One of the best comforts no doubt. Sound signature: Smooth but not dark at all. Bass is flat with bump on midbass. Mids are excellent. Highs are good with a decent amount of extension. This is the IEM that will give soul to the vocals. Seriously, easily one of the top in my list! I LOVE THE VOCALS ON THIS! I like how it sounds tbh, basically for my playlist, Kpower Vocals, Dalkom Cafe etc. It is like a smooth/vinyl like sound. DETAILS Bass: Focusing on midbass with decent amount of subbass. Both...
  3. Chord Hugo 2

    4.00 star(s)
    I'm a simple man I write what I hear and not gonna use any artistic terms This is... a Chord Hugo 2. From the image you can see I placed it on a XSabre DAC. What about my past experience: I have tons of Headphones and Dac Amp experiences including TOTL eg. XSabre DAC, Mojo, ifi BL, ifi iCan, Heron 5..etc HD800, TH600, HD6xx, 400i, Elear, TH900..etc OK enough with my experience! This review is gonna be short and straight to the point. Source: Mostly 44khz and 96Khz from Foobar2000 Comparing with: XSabre>Heron5 and XSabre>iFi micro iCan SA...