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    Most fun headphones you've ever heard...

    It's interesting you mention the TH900s. I actually had a pair shortly before owning this 1770, and to my ears, the 1770 have more bass and impact. Everybody talks about the TH900 and it's bass, for some reason I just didn't find it had the type of punch I enjoy. I agree the extension in the...
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    Let me know if you have a used pair of Elex you'd like to sell. I'm in Illinois.
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    Wtb ultrasone hfi 580

    Looking for a good deal on a pair of 580 sones.
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    SOLD - F/T Ultrasone Pro 900i

    Looking for sale or trade of a pair of Ultrasone Pro 900i headphones in excellent condition, lightly used. Feel free to send me your trade offers! Includes original box, spare pads, headphones, carry case... Beautiful headphones, pictures to be loaded soon. Photos:
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    Selling a pair of the wonderful Hifiman HE-500 headphones! The pads included are the standard Hifiman Velour Pads. I have an extra pair of plastic ear-pad rings which I will also include for anyone who likes to pad swap (although I like the regular velours the best!). Cable included is both a...
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    I miss my Monster Turbines!

    I liked the turbines too. They were fun. I would recommend the Yamaha EPH-100 to you, even though those are also kind of hard to find. The EPH-100 remains to this day one of my absolute favorite tuned IEM. They are in the same vein IMO as the turbines as being fun sounding IEM's, especially...
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    Fun sounding hi-end headphones with good bass

    JVC DX1000! Not only do they have a very fun low end (without bleed), they have a smooth and lush midrange too. The treble provides just the right amount of crunch. Really well suited for anything. They are just plain fun, also one of the best soundstage in a closed back. You have the benefit...