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    Shure KSE1500 Review - Shure KSE1500 Sound Isolating Electrostatic Earphones

    Regardless of accuracy, the driver speed of the kse 1200/1500 really shines when the music is busy, Prog rock can be challenging to dynamic and ba drivers and that is one genre where the kse’s really prove their capabilities.
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    Shure KSE1500 Review - Shure KSE1500 Sound Isolating Electrostatic Earphones

    I own both the RME ADI-2 Pro and the KSE 1200 but never the Twain have met. I need to try this combo for sure. The kse are attached to the lotoo paw gold and the adi-2 is attached to my beyer t1.2 or akg k812.
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    AKG's New Flagship IEM - N5005

    I own a pair already and would love a second spare pair at that price. I paid a £719 during a promo when they were released and still ok with that. I have quite a few iems but I think these are pretty special, as long as you get a perfect matching tip. $299 would be amazing even €299 would be...
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    AKG's New Flagship IEM - N5005

    Can’t believe we miss out in Europe!
  5. Sony NW-WM1A

    Selling my SONY NW-WM1A Hi-Res Audio Player in Good condition, not getting used since I got the Lotoo Paw Gold so time to give it a new home where it sees more use. As you can see from pics 2 and 3 there is a very slight bruise on the corner and a graze? On the balanced port, neither of which...
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    Feedback by 'Turrican2' on listing 'LOTOO PAW S2 bundle'

    Stef was great to deal with, genuinely pleasant transaction. the Paw S2 arrived 2 days quicker than expected and was very well packaged. Stef obviously looks after his gear as it is immaculate. Very happy and highly recommend Stef to others.
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    CanJam London 2022 (July 30-31, 2022)

    Weekend pass ordered, looking forward to it!
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    AKG's New Flagship IEM - N5005

    Glad you finally got them and hope you like them. Here in the UK we never get that sale, in fact you can’t buy them here any more. If we could, at that price I would definitely buy a 2nd pair!
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    AKG K3003 High End 3 Way System Headphone

    There was a guy selling a modded pair with mmcx on here a few years ago, maybe a search might reveal. Personally I’d be really wary of buying these second hand, there are so many perfect (looking) fakes. Still use mine, and they still make me happy and if my cable gave out I would definitely...
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    AKG's New Flagship IEM - N5005

    I personally found the bt module really good, I used it a lot, until I got airpod pros…then the akgs were strictly on cables.
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    Introducing Lotoo PAW Gold

    wow, that is quite the pairing you've let go! look forward to hearing about your experience with the LPGT!
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    AKG's New Flagship IEM - N5005

    yeah, understand but I think they are worth it. You can always use the filters to account for the increased bass if its too much with foam.