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    Sony EX1000 Review and Impressions Thread (with comparisons to FX700, GR10 and e-Q5)

    Has anyone tried protecting the paint on the housing from fading? I'm thinking of using a layer of clear lacquer, maybe clear nail varnish (lol) when I get mine in the next few days. Please can anyone tell me if that's a good or bad idea? :D
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    Sony XBA-A3 - Impressions Thread

    Amazing. Thank you for your reply. Exactly the comparison I was after. I went with my instincts and bought an EX1000 from a fellow head-fier. Hoping it arrives soon! I love the EX1000's treble, sub bass and it's neutral and natural presentation. I feel like the XBA series is more focused on...
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    Europe Deals Thread

    Did anybody managed to get the Rockets for £99. Gutted I just missed out on the deal and would love to try the Rockets to see what all the hype was about
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    Sony XBA-A3 - Impressions Thread

    Can anybody directly compare the A3 with the EX1000? It's been years since I had the EX1000 and I still haven't found an IEM which I like better.
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    Panasonic RP-HJE900 Zirconia Review

      Yes, I forgot about that! I remember Roma101 saying that in this thread somewhere about the Pro500. They're not IEMs and they aren't as affordable as the HJE900 but definitely worth a look. I'm still contemplating on whether I should splash the cash. I have now a W1000x as desktop and Atrios...
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    Europe Deals Thread

    what do you mean by "sissy"? seriously considering the 7550 at that price! how is it compared to the ex1000?
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    2012 Head-Fi Holiday Gift Exchange

    Is that time of the year again!    Sign me up for UK/Europe!    Please and thank you!!
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    Schiit Asgard and FiiO E7 + L7 [SOLD]

    For sale is my Schiit Asgard desktop amplifier. These are the UK 230V version with UK plug. I'm the original owner, they are like new condition and have 2 more years of warranty left. Looking for 180 GBP. [SOLD]   Also for sale is my FiiO E7 portable amp with its L7 line out dock connector...
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    FX700 and EX1000 Owners: What Other IEMs Have You Purchased That You've Been Happy with?

    Quote: I have to disagree on that. The FX700 probably render guitar strings more crisply but it doesn't sound any more real than the EX1000 IMO. The EX1000 has a beautiful decay that make it sound more natural overall compared to the FX700.   Quote: The W4 is very...
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    FS: Audioengine A2 (No power supply)

    For sale is my Audioengine A2 with no power supply. The left speaker flaps a bit when playing bass at very high volume. I have found other owners getting better results by changing op amps in their soundcard so that might be worth a try. So far I've only used it straight from my onboard...
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    Samsung Galaxy S Thread

    One way of telling the difference between a true line out and audio out is that you cannot control the volume in a true line out from the DAC. Volume control is usually the amplifier's job.
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    [REVIEW] Lindy Premium Hi-Fi Headphones

    I agree! Could've save 20 quid at the expense of a slight boost in bass which can be satisfyingly fun sounding whilst maintaining the technical superiority of the FA003
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    Samsung Galaxy S Thread

    Not sure how useful it is getting an amp with the SGS. Nobody's been able to get a digital line out from the SGS as far as I know.
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    Review: Fischer Audio FA-003 - a neutral champ!

    they sound pretty closed to my ears, though there is some space between the driver and your ears which may help "extend" the soundstage a bit.
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    IC: Audioengine A2 speakers with faulty power supply

    This is an interest check for my Audioengine A2 speakers. The power supply has just recently gone off but the speakers themselves are fine. Postage within UK is preferred but I might consider international shipping. Thanks for looking.