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    For sale: balanced Sennheiser HD600

    price drop !!!
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    For sale : Audio-GD Phoenix

    for sale is a perfect-conditioned Audio-GD Phoenix.  There is no dent, no mark on the amp, and it works perfectly.  The amp was bought directly from Kingwa at the end of 2009, but was rarely used.  The amp will be shipped in the original box with all the cables coming with it.  Price is US $950...
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    For sale: balanced Sennheiser HD600

    for sale is a perfect conditioned Sennheiser HD600 from a non-smoking, no-pet house.  Bought new at the end of 2009, but rarely used, with roughly about 50 hours of usage.  The headphone is always kept in the box when not in use.  It comes with balanced cable made by Double Helix Cables.  I...
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    The Stax thread (New)

    Hello, can someone please help me? I've just bought a used Lambda pro on head fi, but it has channel-imbalance problem. The left side is barely audible, while the right side is normal. I know that the SR1-MK2 amp's volume knob can be used for Left and Right separately. Is there anything I can do...
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    FS: Mingda MC84-C07 amp

    bump for another price drop
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    FS: Mingda MC84-C07 amp

    bump for a price drop
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    FS: Mingda MC84-C07 amp

    Up for sale is the Mingda MC84-C07 amp. This amp can be used with headphone or can be used to drive a pair of small speakers. This amp is in brand new condition, and may require break-in. I have had this amp for about 3 months, but only used it for about 10 hours total. I will also include a...
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    Sold: M^3 + S11 PSU

    up for sale is a combo M^3 amp and S11 PSU built by Naamanf on Head-fi. The combo is in perfect working condition and well broken-in. Some details on the amp and PSU: This M³ is housed in two Hammond 1455T2201BK cases with special zebra wood front/rear panels and knobs made by naamanf. The...
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    Los Angeles Area Mega Meet, Saturday July 11th

    Hi, I want to know if there will be any Audi GD REF1 and Buffalo32 DAC at the meet tomorrow. Thanks.
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    Mingda help! please

    I had the same problem before, and after replacing the fuse with 3A fuse, it works fine for me.
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    Twisted Pear Audio Opus DAC

    so, how does the OPUS compare to the Buffalo 24? Thanks.
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    Ordering Mingda

    Von Soundcard, I ordered mine on Ebay. I don't know about other internet shops.
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    Twisted Pear Buffalo Sabre DAC

    If I want both SPDIF Coaxial and Toslink inputs, do I need to add the 4:1 Mux receiver? Thanks.
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    Any SS amp >= (M3 + S11) ?

    Quote: Originally Posted by LostOne.TR One could also get the M3+steps for less than 600. I think with no boutique parts and no fancy features, everyone can get a M^3 + S11 for less than 500, including labor cost.