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    Help needed: Virtual Grounding, Hum, Distortion, and me throwing something out a window.

    Thanks for all the help guys. I'll go back and triple check everything and look at the grounding. Keep the ideas coming!
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    Tubeheads - what's up with these tubes?

    Nope. Either they are from different eras (and thus different production designs), or they aren't the same tube.
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    Installing IEC Socket

    Unplug the device before you do this.
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    Apple's headphone Guide

    Quote: Originally Posted by Uncle Erik Eh, who cares? There are better ways to learn about headphones. Though maybe one of the organizers for CanJam 2010 should drop an invite to Apple execs. Their products are deeply entwined with headphones - it would be good for them to come to a...
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    SQ difference from wire gauge???

    Yep, there shouldn't be a difference unless you use a wire that is too thin for the current going through it. But for headphone purposes, you'll be fine with whatever kind of wire you choose.
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    DIY Sub Amp

    I get a 404 message when I try the last link.
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    Vacuum Tube Chess Set

    WANT! Vacuum Tube Chess Set
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    living in Canada

    But jeez is it expensive. I went fishing for a week in Ignace, and we ran out of milk. A gallon of milk cost me almost $7!
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    Settlers of Catan

    Quote: Originally Posted by Gatto D&D is only fun if you're playing with crazy people... if you're character isn't almost dying ever session and you don't leave at least one city in ruins by accident then you're doing it wrong. I think settlers is that kind of game too, if nobody is...
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    Cavalli Audio: Embedded Hybrid Power amplifier (EHPA)

    Wow, I'm interested, but I can't proto. No cash. Blah. But this is very interesting, and I will be following the progress on this project. Thanks guys!
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    help me spend my money! (Amp and DAC for K701s)

    The gamma-1 has a good reputation as a not-too-expensive, awesome-bang-for-the-buck DIY DAC. It should make a great source.
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    create LED warmup time with Capacitor

    Well, for most small signal tubes, the operational point is about 10 seconds. I actually inadvertently did this when I made a small CCS to drive the LED in my amp (see my sig) for the fun of it. I had a spare CCS chip, a capacitor, and a couple resistors, so I threw it together. A side effect...
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    WANT GRADO IEMS!!!!!!!!!!!!