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    Cary CD-308

    Finalrinse, I posted a comment here on Head-Fi (back on 07-05-2003) about the CD-308. My current opinion? The CD-308 is a very fine budget player! TravelLite
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    Why use amps & cables when you can equalise?

    Hmm, well, just now looking back, the following post dated 01-27-2004 was my most recent here on Head-Fi, LOL. Re: Your most desired audio component However, I do have to agree with markl's statement above, except to note that I think the degree of system refinement he's talking about is...
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    Overview of Compression and Audio in General

    Quote: Originally posted by Joe Bloggs Anyone? Joe Bloggs, I'd suggest downloading the PreSonus 18-page tutorial "Dynamics Processors". It's clearly written and includes a number of set-up "examples" for vocals, percussion, keyboard, and fretted instruments. Dynamics...
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    bass output rivaling DT 770?!

    I think anyone who enjoys the DT770/DT770 PRO should definitely go out of their way to audition the DT990/DT990 PRO. Overall, I find the DT990 PRO sound similar to the DT770 PRO, with the exception that the DT990 PRO has a significantly larger soundstage. I do agree with Glassman's comment...
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    Do any headphones provide a soundstage?

    Quote: Originally posted by Snake Has anyone ever tried a DSP-type processor / enhancer with cans? Find one that sounds good? Like Aphex or such (hopefully better). Or just stick with crossfeed like the X-Feed? Yes. A high-quality digital reverb/multi-effects outboard processor can...
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    Best high-end audio forum (non headphone)

    For those interested in signal and effects processing, I've found the following (pro-audio) forums to be among the most worthwhile and informative. For example, if you're interested in dynamics and/or spectral processing (equalization), these forums are an excellent resource. Likewise...
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    How exactly do upgrade cables improve sound ?

    In response to the original question, personally I like/appreciate the following short statement from Straight Wire's Q&A webpage. Quote: All audio cables act as complex passive filters with elements of capacitance, inductance & resistance. While they have observed sonic & electrical...
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    leaving the CD player ON

    Quote: Originally posted by Kieran Comito So we should just leave the cd players on all the time? I always turn mine off when I am not playing it. Any number of enthusiasts and manufacturers advocate leaving digital gear on 24/7, including DACs for example. Try it and see if you can...
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    What causes headphone fatigue?

    I certainly agree with all of the above. If a headphone system happens to sound deficient or recessed to a listener in a particular frequency band, say the bass region for example, there's an almost irresistible urge to want to listen at higher than "ideal" volume levels sooner or later...
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    Jan Meier: Ultrasone Edition7

    For those who might have overlooked it, Jan Meier has posted impressions on this phone over at HeadWize. Headphone Reviews » Listening to the Ultrasone Edition7! TravelLite
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    "Tears for Feers" - looking for similar stuff

    When researching or exploring new music, I'll often turn to one of the larger online retail databases. In any case, the process is invariably extremely time-consuming, LOL. Barnes & Music - Artist Bio - Tears for Fears: Quote...
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    The equalizer of Foobar2000 and Winamp sux!

    Personally, I like and use Winamp 2.91 plus Ozone for Winamp ($29.00) from the developer iZotope. No doubt, it's a bit of a CPU hog though. Head-Fi member gerG endorses BlueParamEQ, a component in the Blue-Line Plug-In-Pack ($35.00) from the software developer However, in...
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    MIA - Beyer models!

    This is interesting, Snufkin. Looking over the website, it appears that Beyerdynamic is classifying their phones into four families. Studio and Special, Headsets, Premium, and Trendline. In fact, what with all the recent changes, I nominate Dr. Meier and/or lini to conduct a special...
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    Can you suggest a good equalizer for my headphone setup?

    sacd lover, if for some reason I had to choose an analog equalizer, I'd certainly want to investigate the Speck ASC as a first step. Speck Electronics On The Web: The ASC is "the" inexpensive little box that's currently receiving lots of consistent high praise...
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    Clarity or Forgiveness

    Quote: Originally posted by Music Fanatic Why are we in the audio listening world so averse to equalization? Especially when we clearly admit that headphones and speakers color the sound? Quote: Originally posted by sacd lover Its funny you should mention this as I have been...