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    ***SOLD FS: Grado RS1i SOLD***

    Headphones have been sold. Thank you Head-Fi and buyer! Cheers, Casey
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    ***SOLD FS: Grado RS1i SOLD***

    Just saw my trader history shows 0. Just want to clarify. I am a long time member and haven’t been on in a while. The last time I sold on the forums this format wasn’t in use. If you search my username you will find all positive feedback posts for many transactions. Thank you, Casey
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    ***SOLD FS: Grado RS1i SOLD***

    Hi All, For sale are my very lightly used Grado RS1i headphones. I am the original owner. Headphones are in excellent condition and come with box, extension cable and 1/4” female to 1/8” male mini adapter. I put on a new pair of authentic Grado RS1 ear pads about two months ago. Please see...
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    Keith bought my Edition 9s. Excellent communication, fast payment, very friendly guy to deal with. I would definitely deal with Keith again as it really was a pleasure dealing with him. Thanks Keith and enjoy the Ed. 9s! Glad to see they got a good home. Ken
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    SOLD: Ultasone Edition 9s Gonna be a dad sale

    Pics Added. Looking for a relatively fast sale so please feel free to make a reasonable offer. Thanks! Ken
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    Insomniac bought my Pico. Excellent communication, prompt payment. Great guy to deal with. Thanks and enjoy the Pico! Ken
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    SOLD: Black AT ES7

    The ES7s have been sold. Thanks Head-Fi! Dave - I really liked them while I had them but it was more a matter of not using them that much and needing to cut down to the "bare essentials". I'm looking to get down to one home phone, the Ed. 9s of course, and my PK1s for portable which I've...
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    SOLD: Black AT ES7

    SOLD. Thanks for the all of the interest. Ken Up for sale are my black ES7s that I bought new back in October of 2007. They are in very good condition and come with the velor pouch and microfiber cloth. I believe I have the original packaging somewhere too. These have about 25-30 hours on...
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    SOLD: Headamp Pico with DAC Black

    SOLD. Thanks for all the interest, Ken Up for sale is my black Headamp Pico with DAC and 3ft USB cable. I have only used this amp about 3 or 4 times since I got it from Justin back at the beginning of January. It has maybe 10 hours on it. It is in excellent condition and has never left my...
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    This feedback is WAY overdue. Sorry George George bought a Rudistor amp from me. It turned out the amp had some issues I was not aware of. We were able to reach a resolution and George was great to deal with throughout the entire transaction. George's communication was excellent and he...
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    Paen to Edition 9's

    Still loving the Edition 9s here too. I've gone through a ton of headphones and enjoy buying/selling/trading to try out new stuff but that's slowed down quite a bit since the Edition 9s got here. I'm still waiting on my GS-X from Justin so I haven't had them balanced yet but have been...
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    Happy Birthday KB, aka Mr. ALO!

    Happy Birthday! Have a great one!
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    SOLD: Sennheiser HD280 Pro

    Asking $old shipped CONUS for my HD280 Pros. Paypal preferred at no additional cost. Will ship internationally as well but ask that buyer splits cost. I bought these in October from a fellow head-fi'er. Original sale thread here: I...
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    Add another great transaction to Bob's substantial feedback. Bob bought my Minibox-E and as always it was great dealing with him. Bob's communication is second to none and always good for a couple chuckles. Happy Holidays Bob and thanks again! Ken
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    Itty Bitty Holiday Grab: Brand New AKG K340 Velour Pads

    I'm glad to see some more replies. My biggest fear is that there will be so few replies that a drawing wouldn't make sense, in which case it would have to come down to the victor of the Feats of Strength.