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    FS: Denon AH-D7000

    Sorry guys, shipping in US only. Only a couple hours left!
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    DT990 vs HD650?

    Quote: With something as subjective as audio, pretty much every statement is prefaced by "in my opinion" and closed with "your mileage may vary."   I just let the OP know my reasons for not liking the HD650 for rock music. What are the reasons you do like it? He needs all points of...
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    DT990 vs HD650?

    Quote:   Hmm, that's one reason I trust my ears more than frequency graphs. I found the HD650's to have much more bass quantity than the DT990s, but the bass on 990's was tighter with better impact.   I would agree that the DT990s are a bright headphone, but they were never sibilant...
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    left side
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    New ESS Sabre32 (ES9018) based DAC from Audio-gd....the NFB-1

    Quote: Just to clarify, are you saying the sound difference between the Ref 7 and Ref 7HE is dramatic, or the difference between the Ref 7HE and the Wadia 581?
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    I completed a transaction with Jose that involved a trade plus cash for a WA 6 amp. He paid/shipped quickly and communication was great throughout. Very easy to work with. I wouldn't hesitate to deal with him again! 
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    FS: Darkvoice 337 with Great Tubes

    In response to a couple PMs, this version DOES include the preamp output. 
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    Darkvoice 337
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    I purchased John's Shure SE530 customs, and sold him a Mullard GZ34. Quick and easy transactions. Couldn't ask for more.
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    FS: Woo Audio 6 Amp, WA6, Woo6

    Mullard no longer available.
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    FS: Woo Audio 6 Amp, WA6, Woo6

    For your consideration is the fantastic Woo Audio 6 amplifier. Well known and for good reason. Its use in my home was somewhat short-lived with the appearance of two other amps soon after. Its a shame for an amp like this to go unappreciated, so here it is.   This is the non-PDPS version and...