tom hankins
My wife is #1, followed by travel and music
Headphone Inventory
I have owned or lived with the majority of the better phones out there. Most run both SE and balanced. Use mainly speakers now but keep a pair of HD650s cabled XLR for if the mood strikes.
Headphone Amp Inventory
Owned or heard most of the best
Source Inventory
Avid Sequel turntable, SME V arm, Kubala balanced phono cable, Lyra Kleos, Benz Gullwing, Grado SR1, Dynavector XV-1s
RAM modified Esound E5 signature, BAT VK-D5 cdp
Cable Inventory
Audioquest Skys, Kubala/sosna cables everywhere.
Audioquest Mont Blanc speaker cable
DH labs Red Wave power cords
Power-Related Components
Dedicated power lines (70amps worth)
Other Audio Equipment
BAT VK-P10 phonostage, BAT REX preamp, BAT REXPower monoblocks, YG Acoustics Kipod II signature speakers, 2X JL Audio F110 subwoofers
Zamboni driver/ice skate stacker,


Go Tubes and Live Right!
Avid Sequel, SME V, Benz Gullwing, Dyna XV1-S, Lyra Kleos, BAT VK-P10,
BAT REX preamp, BAT REX monoblocks, YG Acoustics Carmel speakers, pr. of JL Audio F-110 subs
Kubala, Audioquest Sky-Mont Blanc