Headphone Inventory
Senn. HD600
Grado SR60
Yuin PK1
AT CM700
Headphone Amp Inventory
Blackie Pagano Custom 300B
Source Inventory
Sony D25S
iPod Classic
Macbook Pro
OPPO DVD player
Cable Inventory
47 Labs OTA
Lots and lots of others...
Power-Related Components
Chang Lightspeed
PS Audio
Other Audio Equipment
Cain & Cain IM Ben
Omega Audio Grande 6
Audiosector Patek SE
Audio-Related Tweaks
Takatsuki TA-300B
Western Electric 300B
Brimar CV1988
Sylvania Chrome Domes
Sylvania 6SN7 GT
Sylvania 5AR4 Big Bottles
Herbies Tube Dampeners
Too many different kinds of tubes...
Various room treatments by ATS Acoustics
Music Preferences
Instead of musical preference, how about audio preference: I like a transparent, balanced, extended sound. I am also a big fan of natural detail, resolution, and speed from an all-tube system. Speed usually means good clean power. Soundstage is also very important to me and as a result I listen to speakers a lot more than headphones. I believe that good cables are better than bad cables, but upgrading amp, source, and transducer makes more difference than ANY cable. As a result I will never spend more money to upgrade cables than to upgrade components. I think the source is the most important individual part of the audio chain, followed by the transducer, followed by the amplifier. However, all of these individual components are superseded by system synergy and personal taste. I feel that my current system is the best it has ever been and I am very happy with it.


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