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    What Are You Listening To Right Now? -New thread, new rules. Please read them.

    Johnny Cash The Man Comes Around
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    KOSS ESP-950 Thread

    I have the M1060 as well as the ESP 950, and I would agree on the comparison. I listen a lot with the ESP 950’s, not very much with the M1060
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    What headphones do you have, and what do you still want?

    Have Stax SR 404 Koss ESP 950 Stax SR-X MKIII Monoprice electrostatic Monoprice M1060 Koss Port A Pro. And KSC 75 monoprice M300 HD 650 Assorted other non used ones Want Stax Sigma
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    Monoprice Electrostatic Headphone

    Yes you should keep all electrostatic headphones covered when not in use. One member used a shower cap to keep dust out when not in use. I use either the case or a gallon sized zip lock bag.
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    Colorado Spring Meet - postponed

    If and when the meet is held, I would like to attend.
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    Monoprice Electrostatic Headphone

    Yes you are lucky to get a set. I am hoping that they will introduce an improved version, better bass and maybe they could fit it with a Stax plug. Improved amps, portable and desk top would be nice as well.
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    Monoprice Electrostatic Headphone

    It appears that these are no longer available only open box ones.
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    Shoxlab Electrostatic headphones on eBay

    So while l looking on eBay, I stumbled across these listed as electrostatic headphones. Ni info from the seller as to bias and any other specs. I looked at the picture, and at the yoke hinge , it has ATH-M50x ! So it turns out it is a rebadged Audio Technica dynmaic headphone set.
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    Stax SRM-1/MK2 hum question

    I purchased a SRM-1/MK2 that has one socket modded for pro bias. After nit is on for 5-10 minutes I get a hum in the left channel, The pro bias side is louder than the normal bias. It looks to me that all the electrolytic caps have been updated. So any ideas as to what may be causing the...
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    Monoprice Electrostatic Headphone

    If you end up not wanting them send me a message.
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    Monoprice Electrostatic Headphone

    If I was to venture a guess, I would say the amp. I looked at them on eBay, both channels are mentioned as having static.
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    The Stax Thread III

    I just received my new (made from new parts by Birgir at Mjonir) a SR-404 Lambda. So far they sound great!