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    FiiO Q5s Type C-Flagship bluetooth DSD DAC&AMP

    @FiiO Where to buy?
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    New, Fully Balanced Burson Conductor 3X: Dual ESS9038, 7.5wpc XLR, 3.75wpc SE Headamp, Changeable Opamps

    After some time now, could you describe if you hear another aspects, like dynamics, livelines, overall enjoyment with Burson over THX887? Doesnt it sound flat the thx amp now? What phones u use please? Many Thanks :) T.
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    Abyss Headphones shares video of HeadAmp GS-X mini Amplifier

    You have had a little orgasm there, didn´t you guys? :D :D :D Love to have it as well :P
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    Schiit Happened: The Story of the World's Most Improbable Start-Up

    Thank you and respect to all your effort and heart you put in things you make. Don´t let your passion ever die. :) What I´d like to see is a Modius multibit with continuity pre-amp section + remote. I trully believe that I will finally buy my first product of yours this year, The Aegir. Keep...
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    Audio-Technica ATH-WP900

    Yep, I´d like to hear that comparison as well :)
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    YuLong DAART Aquila II DAC Amplifier

    Hi, 80% internal components looks same as DA10, except the chip and power supply, how is it that it is so cheaper? But actually I would rather like to see DA10 at that price :) A already have 9038 dac/amp based device. DA10 down here
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    QUAD ERA-1 Thread

    Burson power! :D
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    QUAD ERA-1 Thread

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    QUAD ERA-1 Thread

    WAU, for me, this is Love at first sight !
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    iFi audio calling all DAP/Android owners!

    Hello Very good choice of yours, do you make an otg C to C cable please?
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    FiiO K7 Desktop DAC&Headphone AMP Discussion | XLR Balance | Dual THX AAA | Xmos | ...

    No need to rush. Make this rather perfect, than good only, higher end AKM 4497 or similar, proper clock and power amplification and it can be something :)
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    QUAD ERA-1 Thread

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    QUAD ERA-1 Thread

    @Chris Kaoss Yes! I noticed that lately and have been listening on a bit lower volumes since then and love it! The separation and control is amazing. I will go with the standard Claire then probably, I´d like to add come warmth and body to the sound! :D :D :D Hey, by the way, what option did...
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    QUAD ERA-1 Thread

    @Chris Kaoss It looks like we have a very similar taste. I used to have R2R 1 dac so I know how it sounds :) and now I have LG V30 :D But I use Eras only at home with my Burson amp and have experience with Forzas Copper mk2 cable with other headphones. So when you use this claire cable with your...
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    QUAD ERA-1 Thread

    Hi! Did it help? The cable from Forza? In separation or warmth? I am considering one myself too, but only the Claire series, many thanks! :)