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    Which component would you upgrade?

    One thing I'd like to improve is the ability to distinguish between Tidal Master tracks and Spotify. I've done a bunch of side-by-side listening to see if I can distinguish the lossless tracks from the compressed audio from Spotify, and the differences are essentially zero to me. Perhaps my DAC...
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    Desktop Amp recommendation for Sennheiser HD650s with a PeachTree DAC-ITx

    Thanks for the useful feedback. I suppose it's not obvious to me what is left to improve, since I haven't listened to any other headphone systems. I had assumed that my amp was the weakest link in the chain, so that was where I started but that assumption may be false. I guess that's why I'm...
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    Desktop Amp recommendation for Sennheiser HD650s with a PeachTree DAC-ITx

    Thank you guys for all the great advice. I'm a little intimidated about assembling the Bottlehead Crack myself. From what I can tell: OTL tube amps are great for driving high impedance headphones like HD650s. Seems like a lot of people have tried the HD6xx and HD650s with the Schiit amps...
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    Help Selecting Amp and DAC for Sennheiser HD650 - $1000+ Budget

    I am thinking about a very similar set up and MalVeauX makes a really interesting point about investing in better HP rather than a better DAC and Amp.  This brings up an interesting question about price ratios.  For a limited budget in the mid-tier or non-astronomically priced top-tier set of...
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    I love math
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    A K701 owner's search for bass: Denon D2000

    Order all three at the same time?  I'm not made of gold man!  I would love to have so much headphone gear!  I listened to some DT990s (600ohm) the other day, and the highs and detail were extremely good and comparable to the k701s, but I felt the DT990s had a more full bass response than my...
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    A K701 owner's search for bass: Denon D2000

    I've had the k701s and the Denon1000s for a while, and I think the k701s have absolutely no punch in the low end.  They can certainly reach the low notes just fine, but I've actually preferred the 1000s for electronic music, despite the lack of detail.  There is no denying the k701s level of...
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    Any Texas Meets Coming Up?

    Bump for an Austin, TX meet.  I also know a couple fellows who lurk on headfi here in Austin that would be interested.  As far as I'm aware, the hifi stores around Austin only have Grado, and I would love to hear some other stuff as well as try out some amps/dacs/sources, etc.
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    Amp for AKG K701

    I recently listened to my k701s on a WA3+ and although it was an improvement over my Total Airhead, it didn't change the bass levels so much that I wouldn't actually prefer a different headphone altogether.
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    Question on Cambridge DAC Magic

    Hi,   I was planning on buying the DacMagic pretty soon and pairing it with the Denon 5000s and some sort of amp.  I'm currently trying to decide between a solid state or tube amp.  Does the DacMagic pair better with one type of amp over another?  Thank you for the advice
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    Best Amp for the Denon D5000?

    Hi,   I've had the Total Airhead amp for a couple years and paired it with the Denon 1000s and been pretty happy with that.  I bought the AKG k701s, and it was clear that my amp was insufficient to drive those. I've decided to sell my k701s (PM me if interested, they're in mint condition...
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    Amp for AKG K701

    Thanks for the reply.  I just listened to the k701s on a Music Hall DAC with a headphone out jack and they had a lot broader soundstage than what I've been getting from them at home.  Not sure if that is because of the MH item or my limited amp and source at home.  Anyone have experience with...