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    Is there a difference between cx275s vs cx175 in terms of sound?

    Is there a sound quality difference between these two iems? They look same. cx175 don't come with pouch and doesn't have mic. the cx275s have mic and comes with pouch and an extension cable. But is there a difference in sound? cx175:   cx275s:  
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    wich in-ear should i buy?

    Have a look at ebay. Xb90ex is probably made in japan only.
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    android phone as source

    Try neutron. Trial is available. Also try the walkman port from Xperia z. Walkman player's clearaudio+ gives big sound.
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    wich in-ear should i buy?

    Not neutral like se215. It's mainly for bass lovers, the bass reaches to sub level, not much mid bass hump. Se215 miss out very low tones, xb90ex play them with eaae. The soundstage is pretty big. It has 16 mm drivers. The bass is big but doesn't muddle other frequencies much, and clarity is...
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    wich in-ear should i buy?

    You could have a look at the xb90ex. It has huge bass which suits ur genres.
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    wich in-ear should i buy?

    Hip-hop, rap means you need something with big bass and vocal clarity. Have a look at Shure se215 and Sony xb90ex.
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    Want more Bass with your Ultimate Ears? Try this!

    Sennheiser tips aren't narrow. But Sony ones holes are certainly narrow. Probably this causes lack of air. I don't know whether using Sennheiser tips on ex300 will make any improvement, but i certainly had improvement on xb30ex.
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    NEW Sony Walkman Z Series mini review!!!

    what i like about sony is the clearaudio+. the sound becomes alive, powerful, punchy and speaker like. i can't even think about listening without clearaudio+ on.
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    android phone as source

    have you tried neutron music player? the sound could be even better.
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    XBA10 or MH1C -- bass , soundstage

    don't get the xba 10. single ba driver is just not natural. they're so bass shy. if you want ba driver, then spend more. mh1c is the way to go and it's bargain according to head-fi.
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    Want more Bass with your Ultimate Ears? Try this!

    sometimes, just eartips can save money, great isn't it? but doesn't always work un42netly. i tried sony silicon tips on sennheisers. as a result, the fit was better, but the sound was really harsh and piercing, the soundstage was congested and the bass was congested in both quantity...
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    IEM's for a friend $100 budget.

    mdr xb90ex if he wants bass. Seems to be the best bass deal.
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    Super bass IEM's for under $50

    check out sony xb series iems. their midrange or highs may not be the best in the price, but the bass is simply unmatched.