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    FiiO event-Take an M5 with you on holiday!

    Anyone know where the watch straps can be purchased from? I can’t see any on the Aliexpress store.
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    Just got my Ultimate Ears CSX 11's...experience from Fit Kit to in my ears

    I’m glad you had a good experience with these, but I didn’t. I ordered a pair of CSX and used the fitkit but the initial pair didn’t fit correctly. The concha part was great, but the protrusion that inserted into my fossa was too sharp on one side and caused pain to wear, while on the other side...
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    Post punk/ New Wave discussion

    Also i love this thread. Bauhaus and Dead Can Dance... Haven't listened to those in years. Right now I'm rediscovering "In the flat field"
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    Post punk/ New Wave discussion

    Just an Internet rip. (Didn't want to mention that on the forum before, because I didn't know if it was taboo to talk about listening to music without buying it). A lot of this stuff I actually listened to rips of the original LPs because it was impossible to buy anything at a reasonable price...
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    Post punk/ New Wave discussion

      It's great to hear such a transformative response to a This Heat album. Personally, I was very musically immature the first time I listened to Deceit, so my initial response was "What the hell is this?".... as was my second, third, fourth, fifth, etc. response. After listening to it almost...
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