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    The IEM/Portable Headphones Deal Alerts Thread - Closed! Use the Deals Thread III instead.

    Quote:     Can still reserve them for in-store pick up if you live in Canada .... or can get somebody to ship em to ya.
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    [REVIEW] TDK ST700: They May Look Like Beats, But They Don't Sound Like Them!

    Any further impressions on these ?    Trying to find on-ear/sealed, portable headphones in this smaller profile style. Preferably something with a balanced/neutral SQ for all music types.     Opinions on the best options in the $100 range?   Thanks
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    [REVIEW] TDK Life in Record's EB950, BA100, BA200, and ST700 - Serious Business.

    Interested in the ST-700.    What would compete with them for that smaller, on-ear design in the ~$100 range for portable use?  Something with good, balanced all-around SQ, as my J3 has everything from Metal to Mozart to Mos Def. I know the review mentioned the K81DJ .. others...?
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    TDK IE800 Dual High-Performance Dynamic Micro-Drivers IEM

      Exactly. Sorry if that wasn't clear. I have my own gift card for a separate retailer. 
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