Jun 10, 2007
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    Photography, Horology (clocks and watches), Making live recordings, The Arts, Radio Ham, Good Food.
    Headphone Inventory:
    Senn. HD650 + Equinox Noir , Senn. CX300 and IE8, AT little wood things, Stax SR5 (rebuilt), Stax SR001MK2, Stax Lambda Nova Signature, Koss ESP6 (rebuilt), Grado SR125 (modified).
    Headphone Amp Inventory:
    Stax SRMt-1, SRD6, SRX, Graham Slee Solo 2007, MiniBox E and E+, Hifiman HM101
    Source Inventory:
    Portable: Qube, HiFiman HM-801 (balanced module), Cowon D2, Ipod Classic 160gb, Ipad 16gb, Sony PCM D50, Sony Pro Walkman and DAT Walkman, Stellavox SU8 (reel-to-reel) Uher 4000
    Fixed: Marantz cd/da12, Yamha CT7000, Lorricraft 401, SME 3009 mk 1, AT F7, Nagra T- Audio + Dolby A., Ferrograph Logic 7 Wadia 170i
    Cable Inventory:
    Some VDH but home made mostly.
    Power-Related Components:
    Live in the country with little EMC pollution.
    Other Audio Equipment:
    Have a small collection of vintage equipment acquired over the years including LS3/5a, Harbeth P3ESR and Quad ELS57's, Tannoy Monitor Gold / Lancaster, Garrard 401 with home machined unipivot arm, Dynavector or AT carts, Trichord Dino pre, Audio Research LS7, Quad303, rebuilt Leak Stereo 20 Ferrograph Logic 7, Akai GX77, Decca mastering system with IVC tape transport and protype optical drive etc.
    Audio-Related Tweaks:
    I made a Plastecine turntable mat once, and usually shorten signal leads.
    Music Preferences:
    Mainstream (acoustic) Jazz, Classical
    The classic 35mm still cameras, precision timekeepers, 1980's broadcast television equipment including that by Ampex and Nagra. Sometime Ham radio operator.
    I have had a serious interest in HI-Fi and sound recording for over 40 years, wheelchair user.


    Main Headphone system: HHB professional CD recorder via AES into Decca mastering DAC, Stax SRM-T1S + Stax Lambda Nova Signature
    Computer: MBP, M-Audio Transit, Slee Solo, Equinox, HD650 or Stax SRD-X + SR5 (both modified)
    Mobile: Ipod Classic, Ipad, Hifiman 801 balanced, Senn. IE8 or Stax SR001
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