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    portable speakers

    Okay...what do u reccomend. Anything light weight.
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    cheap folding closed headphones?

    I am gonna get Grado SR-80s for home use and the 250-80s for use when I need them to be closed. You should do the same
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    portable speakers

    Come on people. Please help me out...
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    Thank you for the post. I am a 'rough boy' (hehe, ZZ Top's song) so I think I should get the i-share so it will last longer. Plus it matches the iPod! Another q, Grado makes male to female extensions cords. They are not cheap. How are they different (sound comparrision) to a radioshack...
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    Grado SR80 vs. Sennheiser 280

    People! Please! Can we get back to the real discussion. You cannot change the way the people think. Let them think you look like a 'dork'. You who wear the SennHD280 and SR80 can they they are fools for wearing cheap sony earbuds or cheap sony anything. Now, those who bought the SR80, why did...
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    ipod external power

    Hello, That is a very nifty way in order to power your iPod for dozens more hours. However, I don't think I could make it. As easy as it seeems. Is someone willing to do this for me and I will, of course, pay for the labor and parts...
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