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    Sennheiser HD518 Giving me a awful earache

    Sorry for the late reply! That is weird, i can't recommend any other solution, that is the weirdest thing, never had that issue with my old HD558 which are virtually the same, hopefully you find a solution! try   Arctic monkeys are great! Cheers!
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    Official 2016 SF Head-Fi Meet, July 16, 2016, Wikia HQ

    I shall be there! Bringing along a couple friends new to the hobby!
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    Looking for headphones.

    Get a separate microphone. You never stated your budget though.   Please tell me your budget and your sound signature preferences.
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    Schiit Lyr hum and noise nuance

    It is probably some grounding issue internally or you are getting AC hum or interference with the unit itself. Try plugging it into another outlet in your home and/or move it away from any wireless devices (phones, devices with WiFi, Routers, Bluetooth keyboards etc.). I would recommend...
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    IEM with good sound and isolation, listen mostly to film music > $200 budget.

    I would try the Shure SE315-k, or even the SE215 would suffice in terms of audio and build quality. Lets hear from other people if my suggestion isnt enough but here are some links:   Shure SE315-K:   Shure...
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    Need a DAC for multi platform gaming..

    Well I heard the ODAC works with Razer Surround and other Surround software and ASIO, but I would not use surround sound software at all while gaming it ruins the quality and the positioning and engineering put into the game, just use the standard headphone setting on the audio settings of the...
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    First pair of expensive headphones...

    The bass is emphasized and slightly hard hitting but controlled.
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    Looking to upgrade

    I might also add the AKG K712 pro into there. I could add links but I'm on mobile, google is your friend now. They go for around $350, there aren't extensive options for that price range. Although I would personally recommend the HD600, I have tried the Hifiman HE-560 and the HD650 They didn't...
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    Looking to upgrade

    They have some great cables. Purple braided cable for the HD800 is the best in my opinion.
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    Improving overall sound

    Fiio does do its job, jriver is perfect for media, I've used it before and I think its amazing and way better than VLC media player that a lot of people use. But for now worry about the Fiio, and later you can pm me for any other concerns or start another thread and I might see you there! You...
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    New to the audiophile world, looking to learn more and develop collection over time.

    Of course! Its a great combo amp/DAC for the AKGs in my opinion, maybe not others but thats the best in the price point at the moment.
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    Looking to upgrade

    I would get this combination, I want it in the near future:   Sennheiser HD600:   Mayflower Electronics...
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    Improving overall sound

    I would say just get a Fiio E10, It will not improve but get the audio out as it is, which may be an improvement over the EQ of your sound card/onboard sound chip completely, it has a DAC and an Amp in it for headphones which is not necessary for your headphones but will be if you decide to...
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    Comfortable closed cans for less than $200

    I got you, ill keep it on my notifications, how long can you wait for the deal?
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    Asus Essence STX vs Magni/Modi help

    I would recommend the external Schiit, because they are outside of your case and will not take up space inside the case and will not have any interference with the internal parts and if you want to get better sound in the future you can upgrade to a Bifrost DAC or an Asgard 2, Valhalla 2 or Lyr...