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Headphone Inventory
Main rig: HE-1000 SE, Meze Elite
Transportable: Senn HD600
Headphone Amp Inventory
Main Rig: Headphone output of my DAVE DAC
Transportable: iFi Micro iDSD
Source Inventory
Main Rig: Grimm MU1 > DAVE DAC/Amp
Transportable: W10 laptop+Roon > iFi iMicro DSD
Cable Inventory
Sablon AES with Bocchino plugs
Toxic Silver Widow 22awg for HE-1000 SE
Toxic Silver Poison 26awg for HD600
Power-Related Components
Audience AR4 power conditioner, upgraded to TSSOX status
Above fed by Audience AU24 power cable
Shunyata Alpha V1 and ClearerAudio Silverline power cords
Other Audio Equipment
Previous Main Rig:
Upgraded 7i7DN NUC+Euphony Stylus > ISORegen > HMS -> DAVE DAC/Amp
Paul Hynes SR7 (3-rail SRXL)
Vertere Pulse HB BNC between HMS and DAVE
Sablon 2020 USB between NUC and HMS
Lush^2 USB between laptop and iDSD

Noteable and much loved past components:
Stax SR-007 mk1 and SR-009
Nagra CDC CD player
Sonus Faber Electa loudspeakers
SME 20A turntable
Audio-Related Tweaks
Black Ravioli feet for DAVE; HRS Damping plates
3M RFI/EMI absorbing sheets