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    The Woo Audio 2

    Quote: Originally Posted by atbglenn How warm does the chassis get? BTW, The wiring in your unit looks so much better than the one on Woo's website. The chassis on the WA2 does not get overly warm. In fact no part of the amp does, tubes excepted. A bonus as far as I am...
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    Where is Singlepower? Where is Mikhail?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Icarium Hey nice.. hit him where it hurts I guess. Shrug I was a pretty big proponent and supporter and now I only have shame for any positive things I've said about his products whether they still hold true or not. Why have you shame? The shame is...
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    Woo Audio WA2 and the PDPS "mod"

    It is good to see quite a few more WA2's getting out there. I have a maxxed 6X4 version with all the blackgates etc etc etc. I would be interested in a comparison with the newer EZ80 version. Anybody heard both?? cheers Simon
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    Woo Audio WA2 Review

    Quote: Originally Posted by xenithon They changed the rectifier from the 6X4 to the EZ80, which should give it a bit more juice and handles low-Z 'phones much better. The Pieman - perhaps since yours still has the 6X4's it runs a little cooler? Yep, quite probably correct...
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    I want a dark and bassy portable headphone amp

    Quote: Originally Posted by peanutbutterjam The iBasso P2 is really not bad, tried it before. But I would want to caution you on your statement. You really wouldn't want dark sound without detail. Maybe its best you tried out the stuff 1st. Quote: Originally Posted by...
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    Open phones on an airplane?

    HD25-1s are great cans for travel. Very robust, good sound. DT770s highly overrated in my books. cheers Simon
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    Finally!! the GS1000 is here :)

    Quote: Originally Posted by davvy Just wondering what shop in Melbourne that was ? I am going there in a few days for the Melbourne cup and I would love to demo some of these. How much did you pay for them ? Welcome to audiophile This is the website of the shop where I...
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    K81DJ mods?

    Sell them. Bloody awful head clamp torture device. Simon
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    The LOD needs to be renamed

    Another bloody useless thread. Who cares what a LOD is called? What a worthwhile contribution to this forum. Where do these post hungry prats come from? Simon
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    WTB STAX SR-001 MkII system

    As the title says. I am looking to buy a STAX SR-001 MKII system in at least very good working order. Please PM me. cheers Simon
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    why do in-ear phones got to sound like cans?

    Quote: Originally Posted by user123456 I dunno, I've tried a few in-ear and I get easily temporarily deaf by listening to them. I know some of my friends have become deaf (for real) by listening to them. If such a small device makes a big sound into your ear there is bigger chance...
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    The Objectivist Audio Forum

    Quote: Originally Posted by upstateguy "I, Objectivist: The Objectivist Audio Forum (opening soon) If you feel the uncontrollable urge to use the word "placebo," in here is where you'll post (and only here). Discuss DBT all you want in here." Just a question: Why not, If you feel the...
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    Good for everyone: Please remove gear from your signature!

    Quote: Originally Posted by Omega This is a polite request for everyone who has gear listed in their signature to please remove it! No. This is a polite refusal. cheers Simon