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    Effect Audio launches the Axiom IEM

    Dunno what about the engineering is impressive. It's just a connector.
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    Effect Audio - AKA Balance Adapter

    laughs in 4 dimensions
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    Campfire Audio New IEM release

    I'm curious about Ara mainly and wonder how it will sound compared to my z1r.
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    Astell & Kern SR25: The next A&norma player

    Can I ask why, if having such a massively tilted screen is so ergonomic, that the higher end models like SP1000M and SP1000 do not have tilted screens. Why is the lower end player subject to this weird design.
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    Campfire - Solaris

    Some snakeoil belief that pasting stickers onto audio equipment makes it sound better. As an engineer, it makes no sense to me and is offensive to logic.
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    Based on this thread I would need a nuclear reactor to run my MDR-Z1R. Good thing I've been connecting mine to mains entirely lately.
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    Sorry we don’t listen to baby metal like you.
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    What kinda grass are you smoking and how can i get in touch with your dealer?
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    To be fair if you're not listening to the Z1R through your own power plant, you're not experiencing the best of the 3019 sound that the Z1R has to offer. Though as a fellow flat earther, I must know what "all the other styles the World [sic] has to offer are". I was aware that metal...
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    Campfire - Solaris

    Maybe if the iem was smaller there would be less vibration? ;)
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    Campfire - Solaris

    Or, you know, sometimes those "audiophile engineers" are just engineers looking at data and assessing their validity and merit.