Headphone Inventory
Sleek SA-6, Koss KSC-75 (modded), ancient Yamaha orthos, Grado SR-80i, SR-225, HF-2, and AKG K601.
Oh, and some Silencio React for shooting or other noisy activities.
Headphone Amp Inventory
Fiio E5 or CMoy for portable; iBasso D10 DAC/Amp for around the house with the laptop; Millett Hybrid and Fubar II DAC at work.
Source Inventory
Laptop here and there, desktop at work. Droid X everywhere, mostly streaming my collection via Subsonic.
Cable Inventory
Several DIY efforts, mostly with CAT5 innards.
Power-Related Components
Big APC UPS for HT projector/DVR. Nothing special otherwise.
Other Audio Equipment
Emotiva pre/pro and 7-ch amp connected to Klipsch Chorus II mains, Academy center, and Quartet surrounds. PS3 and HD TiVo driving Optoma HD65 front projector on 110" screen. Klipsch 10" sub
Music Preferences
Damn near anything, excepting cRAP.
Head of IT/Network Admin/Helpdesk/peon