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Nov 11, 2013
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Creative Art Director

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    Creative Art Director
    Audio gears, toy photography, diorama making, painting, cooking.
    Toy Photography, 1/6 custom/kit-bash, Diorama making, Painting, Drawing
    Headphone Inventory:
    ● Sennheisers 555
    ● Sennheisers 518
    ● Sennheisers 429
    ● Sennheisers 280
    ● Aurex HR-F1 (Electret)
    ● Grado SR80
    ● Grado SR80i
    ● Audio Technica AT-702
    ● Audio Technica WS55
    ● Audio Technica WS50
    ● Koss PortaPro
    ● Yamaha HPE-160
    ● Koss HP6
    ● Sony V900 HD
    ● Sony XB500
    ● Sony XD200
    ● Steel Series Siberia V2 (sold)
    ● Meelectronics M9 (lost)
    ● Soundmagic PL11
    ● Xiaomi Pistons V2
    Headphone Amp Inventory:
    ● Bravo Audio V1 hybrid tube amp
    ● 6n3 tube preamp
    ● Line5 A970 portable amp
    ● Line5 A910 desktop amp
    ● Fiio E5
    ● Fiio E17
    ● Fiio E12 (sold)
    ● Fiio E11k
    Source Inventory:
    ● Rocoo P
    ● Ergotech Deejay UC622
    ● iPod touch 1st gen (lost)
    ● iPod nano 2nd gen (lost)
    ● iPod shuffle 2nd gen (broken)
    ● Philips GoGear
    ● Samsung S3 mini (Wolfson DAC w/ Nooxzoide rewire E, Denon & ArmAmp players) (sold)
    ● Samsung Note 2 (Wolfson DAC w/ Nooxzoide rewire E, Denon & ArmAmp players) (lost)
    ● Samsung Note w/ Nooxy & ArmAmp players
    Cable Inventory:
    ● Fiio L2, L8, L16
    ● Custom silver LOD (30 pin iPod)
    ● Micro Link custom 3.5mm to 3.5mm interconnect
    Other Audio Equipment:
    ● Technics headphone ambience controller
    Music Preferences:
    ● Classical
    ● Contemporary classical (Sagisu Shiro, Taro Iwashiro, Hideyuki Fukusawa)
    ● Rock (Korn, Cheese, Rage, Smashing Pumpkins Radiohead, etc)
    ● Indie (Bjork, Portis Head, etc)
    ● Female vocals (Garbage, Sarah Mclachlan etc)
    ● Electronica (Prodigy, Goldie, Massive Attack etc)
    ● Death (Sepultura, Slayer, etc)
    An audio enthusiast that upgrades my gear to enjoy music, not the other way around.
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