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    Massdrop x THX AAA™ 789 Linear Amplifier - Impressions Thread

    These are definitely not rework or resold units. The shipping time is low on these units because they are part of a large batch that went directly into the store. Typically the first drops are smaller batches and would not be available for immediate shipping.
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    Sansui Integrated with Headphones

    I did spend another $500 to have mine brought up to spec. by a qualified repair shop. I highly recommend doing so if the amp has never been serviced before otherwise you're not going to be getting the most from these vintage amps. I also love the amp has two phono inputs for both my turntables!
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    Sansui Integrated with Headphones

    I recently picked up and refurbished a Sansui AU-517 integrated amp for my primary system. The amp is being used primarily to drive my speakers but I was surprised by how good the headphone output is this amp. I have owned several other integrated amps and usually find their headphone out to...
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    Akg K400

    I currently use the K702 anniversary pads with my K400.   Changing the pads does effect the sound noticeably.  The stock pads seem to offer a wider more airy sound were the anniversary pads give a darker presentation with more bass emphasis.  This can be good/bad depending on music and innate...
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    New AKG K92, K72 and K52 Closed-Back Headphones

    Got another few days of listening in with the K52 and still really happy with the sound.  They are sounding more relaxed and less metallic in the treble.  The midbass is nice and punchy when called for and the overall sound is clean and even.   Some of the shortfalls I notice are the cheap pad...
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    New AKG K92, K72 and K52 Closed-Back Headphones

    Got my K52's in yesterday and started using them this morning.   Initially I did a quick comparison with my K400 and K240DF just to get a starting reference point.  Currently the K52 have a more metallic and peaky treble but I'm hoping this will soften with more use but overall a promising...
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    AKG K340 Electrostatic Phones

    I too had a Crack with speedball plus a K340.  I sold the K340 awhile back because I preferred the sound of the K400 more but there were certainly some things the K340 did exceptionally well.  It's still a great headphone and able to compete with current headphones on the market.  I felt its...
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    If you still love Etymotic ER4, this is the thread for you...

    I lost my ER4S recently on a trip and will be looking to replace them with a new Ety.   Looking at the new ER4SR it seem they are a dark grey finish?  Are there any plans to offer other colors such as black or silver?   If not, I would probably get the ER4PT since I prefer the subdue look of...
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    New AKG K92, K72 and K52 Closed-Back Headphones

    I'm also looking at the K52 for a headphone to use straight out the phono jack on my MacBook Pro.  Right now I'm getting by with my 600ohm K240DF which has a great natural sound but clearly the laptop struggles to power this headphone.   Additionally, I am looking at the ATH-M50x which is more...
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    Beyerdynamic DT100 any good?

    I'm looking for some nice closed back headphones and came across the Beyer DT100 which looks very well built and has been around for a long time. I'd like to hear from anyone who's owned this headphone and how they like it. My current reference headphones are the AKG K240DF which I prefer for...
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    AKG K240DF quick first impressions... Now with pics!

    They can be picky can to drive properly.  I recently bought a Rouge Audio Sphinx for my Speakers but it also has a headphone output.  Unfortunately it does not seem powerful enough for the K240DF or my K400 and requires the volume to be set almost to the point of clipping.  Both are still...
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    AKG K240DF quick first impressions... Now with pics!

    Anyone on Headfi still enjoying their 240DFs?
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    Elekit TU-8200 DX Headphone/Speaker Amp Review

      Meant to say 600 ohm headphones.     I'd like to know if the amp works well with higher impedance headphones.  I now see some posts mentioning good results with 300 ohm sennheisers so I would guess they can drive 600 ohm cans to high levels as well.
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    My Impressions of the Meridian Audio Director (Direct DAC)

    I picked up a Director recently from amazon and have to say it works flawlessly for my needs!  I use the the USB input direct from my NAS and the Optical input is connected to my TV for the apple TV.  The sound is fantastic with my high resolution files and the upsampling filter makes the musics...
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    The AKG Infomation Thread

    Any other shining jewels lurking in the past headphones from AKG?  I'm still loving my K400 and K240DF but curious about other models.